Fall 2002

Important Announcements

1. Final exams avaliable for pickup

Please see Rosita Alvarez-Croft in 558 Cory.

2. Final Exam Histogram

Previous Announcements

Teaching Staff

Professor Joseph M. Kahn
Office hours: M 4-5pm, W 11-12pm, 514 Cory, x3-8848
Assistant: Rosita Alvarez-Croft, 558 Cory, x3-6683 
E-mail: jmk@eecs.berkeley.edu

TA Lenny Grokop
Office hours: M 1-2pm, Tu 1-2pm, 297 Cory
E-mail: lgrokop@eecs.berkeley.edu

TA Ryan White
Office hours: Tu 11-12pm, W 10-11am, 297 Cory
E-mail: ryanw@eecs.berkeley.edu

Meeting Times

Lecture: MW 2-4pm 277 Cory Hall  

Section 101: Tu 10-11am 293 Cory (Ryan)
Section 102: Tu 2- 3pm 524 Davis (Lenny)
Section 103: W 9-10pm 293 Cory (Ryan)
Section 104: F 10-11pm 293 Cory (Lenny)

Note: You may attend any or all of the sections.

Midterm 1: 10/9 in Sibley Auditorium
Midterm 2: 11/13 in Sibley Auditorium
Final Exam: Group 20, December 18, 5-8pm


Required Text

Signals and Systems, by Haykin and Van Veen (John Wiley, 1999).
  • Make sure to use the FIRST edition.
  • Optional Supplementary Text

    Mastering Matlab 6, by Hanselman and Littlefield (Prentice Hall, 1998).
  • Before buying this book, read the section in Course Syllabus on Matlab Assignments.

  • Online information

    Distributed in Adobe Acrobat format.

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