People, Places & Times - EE 122 / Fall 2007


Vern Paxson  
615 Soda
Also: 630 ICSI (directions)
Office hours: Wed/Fri 3-4PM in 615 Soda, and also by appointment.


WF 4-5:30 pm in 277 Cory

TAs and Discussion Section Schedule

Name Email Section Office Hours Exceptions
Lisa Fowler fowler at Fri 10-11 at 293 Cory
Section webpage
Fri 11AM-12PM at 283E Soda
Away Sep 14-17, Oct 13-17
Daniel Killebrew dank at Wed 12-1PM at 299 Cory
Section webpage
Tue/Thu 11:30-12:30PM at 711 Soda
Jorge Ortiz jortiz at Mon 4-5PM at 299 Cory
Section webpage
Wed 1-2PM at 711 Soda alcove

Additional Section: Tue 10-11AM, 521 Cory
Taught first half of semester by Lisa, second half by Jorge.