EECS 130 (Spring 2006)

Integrated Circuit Devices


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May 14, 2006   

      **Hw 13 solutions posted.

      **Final review will be Tuesday, 5/16, from 5~7pm in the Hogan room


May 11, 2006   

      **Daniel will have OH's Friday 11-12pm for this week.


May 4, 2006   

      **Last hw, hw 13 is now posted and due on last day of class. Problems 3 and 4 on the hw need not be turned in but should be tried at home for your own benefit.


April 25 2006   

      **Daniel's OH's will be Wed 9-10pm in 197 Cory for this week


April 18 2006   

      **HW12 due date is changed to Monday April 24th by 5pm in the HW box in Cory lounge.


April 17 2006   

      **HW12 is now posted and is due Friday, April 21st.


April 13 2006   

      **Project description and input files posted.

      **Project is due on the last day of class by 5pm in the HW box in Cory hall.


April 10 2006   

      **Modified solutions for HW 11 problem 3 are posted.

      **Sample Midterm 2 solutions are now posted under tests.


April 8 2006

      **Midterm review will be Monday (April 10th) 5-6p in the Hogan room


April 5 2006

       **For HW 11, problem 2, replace "equation 7.4.5" with "equation 7.3.4."  An update hw is online. 


April 4 2006

       **Sample Midterm 2 has been posted online. Dan will work out the solutions in the midterm review.

       **HW 11 posted and is due this Friday, April 7


April 3 2006

       **Midterm 2 will be Tuesday, April 11 during lecture.

       **Daniel's OH for this week only will be Friday 1-2pm in 197 Cory


March 23 2006

       **Hw 10 posted


March 21 & 22 2006

       ** FOR HW 9, PROB 1, EQN.SHOULD BE:2vsat/ms = esat

      ** For Hw 9, m=1 for problem 1 and 3

3/16th 2006

      ** For Hw 8 problem 3, Vds=0.1V  


9th 2006

      ** Please read chapter 3 from the text on your own. Chapter3 was extensively covered in discussions this week, so please read the text if you did not attend either discussion.  

9th 2006

      ** Hw 8 posted. 


2th 2006

      ** Hw 7 posted. 


Feb 23rd 2006

      ** Hw 6 posted.  Before the Tuesday lecture, please review Sec 5.1 through 5.4

Feb 17th 2006

      ** Hw 5 posted. Please turn in the feedback sheet along with it and attach a photograph on it.

Feb 15th 2006

      ** Please note – Prof Hu’s QandA will be held on Tuesdays 5:30 -6:30pm – Hogan room and OH will be      held on Wednesdays in his office from 5:00-6:00pm from the coming week  - as mentioned on this      webpage (below).

      ** The midterm review will be held during the Q and A next week on Tuesday.  

Feb 14th 2006

      ** Please disregard problem4 in the sample midterm. It involves fabrication which will be covered later       in the semester.


Feb 14th 2006

      ** Homework 4, problem 3 -τp is given to be 1 μsec.


Feb 14th 2006

      ** Homework will be due on Fridays (instead of Thursdays in lecture) by 5 pm in the ee130 box in the    Cory hall undergraduate lounge on the 2nd floor. Please feel free to drop them in that box anytime      before it is due on Friday.


Feb 14th 2006

      ** Anupama’s Office Hours will be held on Wednesday 15th from 4-5pm.


Feb 9th 2006

      ** Hw 4 has been posted as have hw 3 solutions.


Feb 7th 2006

      ** Midterm 1 will be held in class during lecture on Feb 23rd. The syllabus will be announced by Prof Hu   in lecture. You will be given two sheets of notes to bring with you to the exam.


Feb 5th 2006

      ** Ei is a term used to describe the energy level exactly midway between Ec and Ev. Ei= (Ec+Ev)/2. You      are not responsible to know this however it might be useful. Ei is different from Ef. It helps you judge       if the material is p type or n type by looking at the position of Ef relative to Ei. That is if Ef is above   Ei you know that Ef is close to Ec and hence the material is n type or has more electrons than holes, while if Ef is below Ei than the Fermi level is close to Ev and and the material is ptype.


      Hope this helps ! We will ensure not to use it in your hw assignments from now on, but if you are still     confused about it and would like to know more about it ask Dan or Anu.


      ** hws will be returned during lecture on teusdays.


Feb 2nd 2006

      ** hw 1 and 2 solutions have been uploaded.Hw 3 has also been uploaded.


Jan 30th 2006

      ** please check below for updated TA office hour times. Any further changes due to scheduling problems       will always be stated on the website as part of announcements.


Jan 28th 2006 

      ** Our homework policy is that we will accept late homeworks which are turned in before the next    week’s Assignment. These will be graded and given credit, while some credit will be                     subtracted for turning it in late. The idea is to encourage all of you to turn in the homework                  even if it’s late. The Homeworks are meant to help you understand material and form a very                   important part of the course.

      ** Discussion session times are now final and are on the webpage.

      ** Office hour times have also been finalized and posted on the website.


Jan 25th 2006

      ** HW 2 has been posted and is due in a week in lecture (Feb 2).


      ** Discussion sections, during second week of class will meet at the original times shown on the online             schedule. (Wed:8-9am and Thursday:5-6pm). Any change in time for discussion will be announced in           class and on the website in the coming week. Prof Hu’s office hours will be held on Tuesday. Any           change will again be announced in lecture. 


      ** HW 1 has been posted and is due in a week in lecture.


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