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EE 290D, Fall 2013

Advanced Topics in Semiconductor Technology
- Three-Dimensional Transistor Technologies

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        Mondays & Wednesdays 14:30 PM - 16:00 PM;

        293 Cory Hall

Course Details:
        Course Information Sheet
        Policy on Academic Dishonesty


Supplemental Resources:
     EE130 Integrated Circuit Devices

     “Mark Bohr encoge para explicar 22nm” by Intel on YouTube

     “An Introduction to FD-SOI” by STMicroelectronics on YouTube








    Dr. Nuo Xu
    Office hour: Mondays 10AM -12PM in 367 Cory Hall

                         otherwise by appointment
    Email:  nuoxu at

Optional Textbooks:

[1] Fundamentals of Modern VLSI Devices, by Y. Taur and T.H. Ning, Cambridge University Press, 1998.

[2] FinFET and Other Multi-Gate Transistors, by J.-P. Colinge, Springer, 2007.

[3] Silicon-On-Insulator Technology (3rd edition), by J.-P. Colinge, Springer, 2004.

[4] Variation Aware Analog and Mixed-Signal Circuit Design in Emerging Multi-Gate CMOS Technologies, by M. Fulde, Springer, 2010.



Ø  (11/18) Homework 2 has been posted online and onto bSpace, which is due on 12/04/2013.

Ø  (10/9) Homework 1 is posted on bSpace, which is due on 10/21/2013.

Ø  (10/2) Review 1 slides have been uploaded onto the Lecture Notes; HW#1 and Lecture 6 will come soon…

Ø  (9/17) Lecture notes and references have been updated onto website and bSpace.

Ø  (9/11) Mistakes of DIBL estimation on slide 10, Lec.2 have been updated.

Ø  (9/8) Textbook lists updated.

Ø  (9/7) Regular office hour will be Monday 10AM-12PM in Cory 367.

Email me if you’d like schedule another meeting time.

Ø  (9/5) Lecture 1 slides have been uploaded, including the marked version.

Non-published references will be uploaded onto bspace under Resources.

Ø  Welcome to take EE 290D!

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