University of California at Berkeley
Dept of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences

Advanced Topics in Photonics

Spring 2004

Optical Fiber Telecommunications

Professor Ivan Kaminow



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Lecture Notes: 

Lecture 1 PDF - Introduction

Lecture 2 pdf - Introduction (14 MB!)

Lecture 3 pdf – PMD (30 MB!)  PMD Feb 12,04 pdf

Lecture 4 - Planar Lightwave Devices pdf

Lecture 5 – Fiber Bragg Gratings – March 9

Lecture 6 – Modulators – March 11

Lecture 7 – LIGHTWAVE AMPS – March 11

Lecture 8 – Hybrid Fiber Coax and Local Exchange Carriers Networks

Lecture 9 – Fiber to the Home

Lecture 10 – Ultra Long Haul  

Visiting Lecturers:

Prof. Willner, USC

Intel, Mario Paniccia

Student Presentations:

MEMS - Castelino 022604 PPT

MEMS - Provine 022604 PPT

Four-Wave Mixing ppt – PMD, by Wendy

Chromatic Dispersion pdf –, by Shanna Crankshaw

Silicon Optical Modulators  – by Jae Provine

Beam Propagation Method – by Devang Parekh

DFB – by Mike Huang

Silicon Optical Modulators – by Jae Provine

Waveguides – by Michael Moewe

Quadrature Amplitude Modulation – by Forrest

VoIP-Voice over Internet Protocol – by Wendy

ATM – by Shanna Crankshaw

Ethernet – by Kenneth Castelino

TCP – by Devang Parekh

Differtial Phase Shift Keying – by Jin Wang

Compression – by Michael Moewe

Optical Fiber Telecommunications Textbook chapters:

Volume IV – A, Chapter 3.pdf

Volume IV – A, Chapter 4.pdf

Volume IV – A, Chapter 5.pdf

Volume IV – A, Chapter 6.pdf

Volume IV – A, Chapter 9.pdf

Volume IV – A, Chapter 10.pdf

Volume IV – A, Chapter 11.pdf

Volume IV – A, Chapter 12.pdf

Volume IV – A, Chapter 13.pdf

Volume IV – A, Chapter 14.pdf

Volume IV – B, Chapter 3.pdf

Volume IV – B, Chapter 4.pdf

Volume IV – B, Chapter 5.pdf

Volume IV – B, Chapter 6.pdf

Volume IV – B, Chapter 7.pdf

Volume IV – B, Chapter 9.pdf

Volume IV – B, Chapter 10.pdf

Volume IV – B, Chapter 13.pdf

Volume IV – B, Chapter 14.pdf

Volume IV – B, Chapter 15.pdf

Volume IV – B, Chapter 17.pdf

Volume IV – B, Chapter 18.pdf


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