EE 42  Introduction to Digital Electronics
Fall 2003: Web Page Version 08/23/03
Instructor: Andrew R. Neureuther
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Just for fun:

Just for Fun:

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Welcome to EE 42 where you can develop your background knowledge of electronics.

Week #1:

1) Discussion Sections will meet to get acquainted and to discuss overview topics and course operation. However, with an enrollment of 100 we will operate with 5 discussion sections instead of the 9 listed in Telebears. The operating Discussion Sections are

  Section 102 Monday        11,  293 Cory, Eric Cheung

  Section 103 Monday          3,  293 Cory, Eric Cheung

  Section 106 Wednesday   11,  293 Cory, Janie Zhou

  Section 107 Thursday         1,  293 Cory, Janie Zhou

  Section 109 Friday              1,  293 Cory Isaac Seetho

2) Lectures:

   Lecture 1, Tuesday will be an overview and analov/digital signals. (Chapter 0)

  Lecture 2, Thursday will cover electrical quantities (Sections 1.1-1.2)

3) Be sure to get you copy of the text and thumb through it as well as read the above specific material: Schwarz & Oldham, Electrical Engineering: An Introduction, 2nd Edition, Saunders 1993.

4) Also explore this course website to see the web resources available. The link to the Spring 2003 offering will show you typical lectures and exams.