EE 42: Introduction to Digital Electronics

Spring 2004
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5/24/04 Office Hours Change

Prof. Ross will be in her office starting at noon on Monday, May 24.

5/23/04 Final Office Hours

Prof. Ross will be in her office at 11am on Monday, May 24 and will be in and out all day until 3:30pm. After Monday, you will be able to reach Prof. Ross at her new email address, sross{at}

5/21/04 Final Grades

Click here to view your grades.

The grades will be submitted to the registrar 72 hours after the end of our exam (3:30pm on Monday). If there are errors on the spreadsheet, you must let Prof. Ross know before the grade submission deadline. Prof. Ross will be in her office on Monday (time TBA) if you want to see your exam. After that, Prof. Ross will be out of town. Prof. Ross's new contact information and the contact person for picking up your final after Monday will be announced shortly.

5/19/04 Review Session Webcast Link:

5/19/04 Review Session Webcast: The review session will be taped and webcast. The link will be on this page shortly after the session. Room has not changed; still 285 Cory from 1pm-4pm on Wednesday 5/19.

5/17/04 Review Session: Wednesday 5/19 from 1-4pm in 285 Cory. Note: the room may change as I am trying to arrange for the review to be webcast and this room is low-tech.

5/17/04 Prof. Ross's Exam Week Office Hours: Monday 2pm-7pm and Thursday 11am-2pm, then 4pm-? all in 476 Cory Hall.

5/3/04 Homework 6 Extension If you want to receive your graded HW 6 back in class on Tuesday 5/11, please turn it into the drop box by the assigned time, 4pm on Friday 5/7. Alternatively, you may turn in the HW in class on 5/11 for full credit, and you will be able to pick up your HW at the review session (time TBA). If you choose to do this, I would advise that you make a copy of your HW to compare to the answer key so you can immediately find your mistakes to help you study.

4/30/04 Final Exam will be the same length as the midterms, and will focus on material since midterm 2. Location: 277 Cory Hall Time:12:30PM-3:30PM on Friday, May 21.

4/30/04 Lecture Location Change: The final 3 lectures (starting 5/4/04) will be held in the air-conditioned confines of 277 Cory Hall.

4/30/04 HW 6, the final HW, is up.

4/22/04 Postings

Lectures and exam solutions have been updated on their respective pages. Check your grades here and let Prof. Ross know asap if there is an error.

4/11/04 Department Feedback Survey

A student group comes to speak at our annual faculty retreat about what's working and what's not with respect to courses and other issues. Last year, students told us that EE 42 should be made more relevant to CS majors, and I have tried to do this.

You can participate in a survey to have your voice heard at the upcoming retreat. One issue up for discussion among faculty is whether EE 40 and EE 42 should be merged. There are spaces for general comments on EE courses (incl. 42 and 43) and a discussion board. Tailor comments to courses and not specific profs; leave comments on profs for their end-of-semester evaluations.

4/10/04 Solutions to Exam 2 related material (Lecture 18, Hard Review Problems) have been posted on the lectures page. A practice exam has also been posted on the exam info page.

4/7/04 Extended office hours for Prof. Ross:

4/7/04 Important exam announcements:

4/7/04 Homework 5 will be graded pass-fail. You will get full credit for each problem that you attempt. When finished with the homework, you may turn it in to Prof. Ross in her office (477 Cory) and she will give you a copy of the solutions so you can use them to study.

You may turn in the homework and get the solutions anytime before Monday at 4pm, or put it in the drop box and download the solutions beginning Monday at 4pm.

2/27/04 Exam 2 solutions are up on the exam info page.

2/27/04 Homework 3 is up on the homework page.

2/27/04 Exam 1 Grades

Click here for a list of Exam 1 grades sorted by the last 4 digits of your SID.

If you received an F, I want to talk to you. I know it's scary to talk to a prof if you're not doing well in the class, because you think you're being judged. But I really would like to help you get back on track, so please ask for help! Email Prof. Ross

2/21/04 HW Solutions 1 and 2 are up on the homework page.

2/20/04 Sources for Additional Practice Problems

There are hundreds of practice problems, many with solutions, available to you:

Happy solving.

2/20/04 Exam 1 Info and Review

Exam 1 info, including review problems, have been posted on the exam info page.

The review session will take place from 7-9pm on Monday, February 23 in 241 Cory Hall.

2/10/04 Results of in-class survey:

Thank you very much for your participation--and keep up the feedback.

2/3/04 The due date for Homework 1 has been extended to Friday, February 6 at noon. Leave the homework in the drop box in the student lounge on the 2nd floor of Cory Hall.

2/3/04 The Tuesday 11 AM - 12 PM discussion has been rescheduled. It will now be held on Mondays from 11 AM - 12 PM. GSI Joe Makin will be leading this discussion as well as the W 4 PM - 5 PM discussion. Joe has office hours in 493 Cory after discussion.

1/22/04 The Tuesday 11 AM - 12 PM discussion will be held in 521 Cory next week only (1/30/2004). After that, the discussion may have to be rescheduled to a different time. Details will be worked out in discussion next week.

1/22/04 Welcome to the EE 42 Website. Through the above links, you will find: