EECS 43 - Introductory Electronics Laboratory

Fall 2002 


Instructor: Prof. William G. Oldham
OH: Mon 10-11 am and Wed 1-2 pm, 509 Cory


Teaching Assistants:
Mike Huang
OH: Th 3-4 pm, 140 Cory
Brendan Morris
OH: F 2-3 pm, 140 Cory
Manu Seth
OH: Tu 4-5 pm, 140 Cory


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Lab Completion and Policy: Lab Policy

Course Information  -  General course policies.  Be sure to read this! Revised
Cory 140 Lab Schedule  -  List of lab times and TAs' office hours.
Schedule of Experiments  -  Lists what's happening each week & Lab Handouts
Calbot Robotics Project  -  Information about the required project.

Additional Manual Appendices:  Resistors  -  Capacitors  -  Tutebot  -  LEGO Design


11/25/02 Lab will end on Dec. 2, the Monday after Thanksgivings.  TAs will hold special OH for those who need last minute help with lab/Calbot.  Manu 9-11; Brendan 10-11 & 1-2; Mike 2-4
11/20/02 There is no lab next Thursday and Friday due to Thanksgiving.  Brendan will have extra OH on this Thur 9-12 and Fri 1-5 for those who need to finish the project or make-up labs.  Mike will have extra OH next Tue 3-5.
11/18/02 1. Calbot Contest will be held on Dec. 2 @ 5:30 pm.  Check Calbot Robotics Project link for more information.  First 10 teams to sign up are guaranteed to receive a prize.  Sign up sheet will be available on 11/25 outside 140 Cory.

2. Lab ends on Dec. 2 (i.e. to finish make-up labs and the calbot project)

11/04/02 Lab documents and prelab for Calbot (2) is updated on Nov. 4 @ 1 p.m.
10/31/02 1.  Error on Calbot (1) lab write-up: use P7_0 and P7_1 as PWM input
2.  Use the newsgroup for questions or discussion
10/29/02 1.  Charge your battery before coming to lab (refer to Understanding the components of your CalBOT kit)
2.  Buy wire wraps from the IEEE office in 204A Cory.  You need 4 different   colors.
10/06/02 Bring a $240 deposit check per group for the Calbot -- payable to UC Regents and post date Dec. 12, 2002
You can make-up labs this week!
09/06/02 For the students in Lab 11 (Fri 3-5) and Lab 19 (Th 4-6), please try to switch over to a less crowded lab: Lab 12 or Lab 17 
08/27/02 Lab 17 (Monday 6-8 pm) is now moved to Thursday 6-8 pm.
08/26/02 Labs start on Sept 3.
Don't forget that the prelab need to be finished before coming to the lab.  They will be collected after the first ten minutes of class and if they aren't finished you will not pass the lab

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