Social Hour

We have about 15 social hours every semester and we are looking for sponsors to fund our social hours this semester! If you are interested in funding any of our social hours, please drop in a mail to any of the Industrial Liaison members. Each social hour costs us about $250. You can sponsor! :)

Social Hour Date Sponsor Social Hour Date Sponsor
9/24/2014 Qualcomm 10/1/2014 Qualcomm
10/8/2014 Qualcomm 10/15/2014 Qualcomm
10/22/2014 Qualcomm 10/29/2014 Qualcomm
11/5/2014 Qualcomm 11/12/2014 Qualcomm
11/19/2014 Qualcomm 11/26/2014 Qualcomm
12/3/2014 Qualcomm 12/10/2014 Qualcomm
12/17/2014 Qualcomm

We will be serving donuts, muffins, and/or bagels. All students, faculty, and staff are welcome. The time is usually at 5:00pm on Wednesday afternoons at the Cory Courtyard (2nd Floor).

Career Advice Seminars

The Industrial Liaison (which is a part of EEGSA) organizes Career Advice Seminars for graduate students in EECS. We usually run these as informal events beginning with a short presentation about the company and the kind of work and then go on to Q&A type sessions. The students love them and find it super useful. The audience are graduate students whose interests overlap with yours. This is different from Info sessions that the department runs mainly because of the target audience and the format of the event. The suggested donation amount for running a career advice seminar is $500. If your company is interested to talk to graduate students, please drop in a mail to any of the Industrial Liaison members. We’d love to hear from you!

Graduate Students Activities

To foster graduate student community we also organize variety of events throughout the year like bar nights, ski trips, hikes, etc. If you would like to sponsor any of these events, please do get in touch with us!

Visit Day 2015

Tentative schedule for the upcoming EE visit day is posted here (subject to change)

Graduate Assembly (GA) Events

The Graduate Assembly (GA) is the official, interdisciplinary graduate student council at Berkeley.  The GA, along with numerous student organizations, coordinates many events that provide a great way for graduate students from different departments to connect.  Please follow this link to view the Graduate Assembly Events Calendar: