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June 30, 2004

EECS Course Materials Fee Proposal
June 30, 2004

Hello EECS student,

The EECS survey about our proposed Course Materials Fees (CMF) is closed.   If you have already submitted your opinions, thank you.   If you asked a question, you were sent a personal reply before Nov 15, 2002.

Results of the Survey

    Here is a summary of the survey and the fate of these fees.
    We proposed 2 different per-semester CMF charges:

  1. $6 CMF for printing, charged to students in 16 EECS classes
    Summary:   This fee proposal was withdrawn.   Many students voiced the sensible opinion that the cost of increased printing should be borne by those students who print excessively, beyond the requirements of the EECS classes they are in.   Also, the CMF guidelines specify that the cost of the service should be charged equally to all students who use it.   So the proposed CMF was not appropriate.   Instead, we have implemented printer Usage Fees (see below).   Students are given free printer quotas based upon the classes each student is in, and they can purchase increased printer quotas if they wish.

  2. $80 CMF for laptop insurance and depreciation, charged to CS160 or CS169
    Summary:   Most students agreed that a reasonable fee for renting a laptop is justified.   The fee would be waived for students who use their own laptops instead of ours.   We were denied the $80 fee, but a $50 fee did pass the College-level review and final approval from the campus-level CMF committee.   We had to reduce the request to $50 per student because the CMF guidelines make it difficult to charge for the depreciation of the computers.   However, that would produce insufficient revenue to sustain the laptop program, so the CS160 and CS169 instructors agreed to terminate the program in May 2004.   We are not charge a CMF for these laptops afterall.

Course Materials Fees vs Usage Fees

Status of Lab Fee Requests

  1. In Spring 2003, we were approved to bill students a Usage Fee for printer page use beyond a set quota for each class. Students must request this billing first via a secure WEB site. After some delays while developing the printer accounting software, we implemented this process in March 2004.

  2. In Spring 2003, the College of Engineering denied our request to bill a monthly Usage Fee for the use of our laptops. We were approved to bill a per semester Course Materials Fee to CS160 and CS169 for the laptops, but that would produce insufficient revenue to sustain the laptop program. So the CS160 and CS169 instructors agreed that we would stop funding any repairs and end the laptop loan program altogether in May 2004.

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