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CalNet ID Information for EECS
  October 2016

What is a CalNet ID?
  A CalNet ID is user account for single sign-on to many WEB sites at UC Berkeley.    It consists of:

Field Also called Example Comment
Calnet ID "login", "principal", "user name" oski.bear username & primary email address
Password "passphrase" The quick brown fox. at least 9 characters; at least 3 character "classes"
Calnet uid "UID" 301024 unique number for each account; public in the Campus Directory.
ID number "EID" (employee), "AID" (affiliate), "SID" (student) 012345678 8-10 digits, employees' start with "01"; not public

How Do I Get One?
1.   Employees need a UCB employee ID number or Affiliate ID number.  
  • Employees: can obtain a new photo ID at the Cal 1 Card Office   (212 Sproul Hall, 643-6839)
  • Guests and emeriti: the department HR staff can request an affiliate CalNet ID number.   [ CalNet, HRMS, e-Grades]
  • Students and doctoral candidates: please see Create Student CalNet ID.
    2.   Activate your CalNet ID using your Employee ID number or Affiliate ID number.   Go to Activate CalNet ID to associate your ID number with:
  • a Calnet username, a passphrase and an email address
  • a recovery email address
    Calnet "deputies" do not issue initial Calnet tokens anymore (Oct 2016)
    3.   To change your Calnet passphrase or other settings:   Login to, or bring your employee ID card to a Calnet "deputy" at either:
  • students or staff: Cal 1 Card Office   (212 Sproul Hall, 643-6839)
  • EECS faculty/staff: see the "EECS" department in the CalNet deputies list.
  • ERSO staff: see the "Engin Research Support Org" department in the CalNet deputies list.
    Calnet "deputies" can issue a token to reset a CalNet passphrase.
    4. You may test your new CalNet ID at and   If a WEB site does not accept your CalNet ID, please contact the adminstrators of that site   (not the Calnet deputies)   to report the problem.
    For New EECS Faculty and Staff:   how to link your Calmail and EECS email addresses
    so that your CalNet username = EECS username and forwards to
    1. If needed, change your CalNet user name at
    2. Set your password and user name for at
    Note that = and you can forward that to your EECS address.
    3. Set your email forwarding at
    For departmental WEB programmers:   how to use CalNet IDs to authenticate;   how to manage SPA membership in CalGroups;   how to login as an SPA
    CalNet tools: CalNet Account manager (CAM) (for all accounts),   CalNet Admin Tool (CAM) (for deputies)
    SIS tools: CalCentral (for students),   API Central (for developers),   Campus Solutions (for admins)
    Calnet 2-Step tools: website,   sign up,   enroll device,   toolkit

      Kevin Mullally, Manager
    EECS Instructional Systems Support
    378 Cory Hall, Berkeley CA 94720-1770
    VOICE: (510) 643-6141
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