WEB Courseware
EECS Instructional Support, University of California at Berkeley
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What To Do With All these Sites?

What is required of instructors?
  1. Most simply:   no course WEB site is required.
  2. The instructor must use BearFacts to submit grades to e-Grades.
  3. To replace the former course reader, just install the syllabus in EECS Inst.

  4. If an instructor takes no action, the default behavior of each site is:
    CourseWEB:   shows information about instructor and a link to EECS Inst  
    EECS Inst:   shows links to previous sites (archives.html)
    bSpace:   course is not found on the list that students can join
in Spring 2006:
  1. create the course site in EECS Inst
  2. use EECS Inst site for posting public content
  3. use EECS Inst site for dynamic (CGI, Wiki, etc) content

  4. verify personal info in CourseWEB

  5. create a course site in bSpace
  6. advise students to join bSpace course site
  7. use bSpace tools primarily for communicating with students
  8. use bSpace Resources tool for password-protected content
  9. use bSpace Web Content tool to add window to EECS Inst
Navigating the sites:
  1. EECS Inst is still the main site.
  2. Students can jump to EECS Inst from CourseWEB  
  3. add link on EECS Inst site to bSpace (http://bspace.berkeley.edu/)