WEB Courseware
EECS Instructional Support, University of California at Berkeley
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Instructors login to http://courseweb.berkeley.edu/
  • Instructors are automatically associated with their courses
    Students jump to it from http://schedule.berkeley.edu/
  • Students access it from OnLine Schedule of Classes
         - course site (public) automatically gets basic info about instructor
         - course site (instructor) automatically gets current enrollment
         - WEB-based content editing
         - WEB-based uploading of syllabus file
         - URL changes each semester
         - permanent link to EECS site (http://www.eecs.berkeley.edu)
         - permanent link to Inst site (http://inst.eecs.berkeley.edu/cw2eecs/)   
         - instructor's information is retained for future semesters
         - content must be re-installed each semester