WEB Courseware
EECS Instructional Support, University of California at Berkeley
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Tools for Communications


Students' Email addresses:  
  • bSpace (email addresses from CalNet)
  • CourseWEB (email addresses from CalNet)
  • EECS Inst (local accounts, but email may be ignored)
    Email lists:  
  • bSpace (use Email Archive tool)
  • lists.berkeley.edu (WEB interface to majordomo)
  • EECS Inst (a file in instructor's UNIX account)
  • bSpace (automatic email about additions to site)
  • bSpace (online office hours, etc)
  • bSpace (calendar using Schedule tool)
  • EECS Inst (HTML file or CGI program)
    Drop box:  
  • bSpace (share documents privately with a student)
  • bSpace (new GradeBook portlet)
  • EECS Inst (UNIX-based 'glookup')