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EECS Instructional Support, University of California at Berkeley
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Instructional Support Group
Job Openings

  • ISG Job Openings:
  • ESG Job Openings:
  • Sample Job Descriptions from Previous Openings:

    Asst II (student) for Lower Division software support
    Asst III (student) for instructional lab support
    PA II (career) for engineering lab support   [ PEM / eRecruit / Desc ]
    PAIII (career) for Instructional Computing Support
    Assistant Development Engineer (PSS 3)
    Dev Tech V for Electronics Support

  • How To Apply

  • Contacts for Recruiters:
    Campus Career Center
    Industrial Relations Office

  • other references:
    About Jobs at UC Berkeley
    Current Listings at UC Berkeley   [ Search UCB ERecruit ]
    UC Berkeley Part-Time and Full-Time Jobs and Career Services
    Definitions of PA, CRS, DevTech, etc   [ Student Assistant Rates]
    Auditing, Salary and Benefits Info
    Background Checks for New Employees
    directions to Cory or Soda Hall

  • To Apply for a Full-Time Staff Position:

    To Apply for a Student Staff Position:

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