Dev Tech V for Electronics Support Group

(position proposed Aug 1997, has not been approved)
                     University of California at Berkeley
               EECS Instructional & Electronics Support Group
                      377 & 386 Cory Hall, 333 Soda Hall
                          Development Technician V
                         Electronics Support  Group

							     Nov 28, 1997

JOB DESCRIPTION - Dev Tech V for Electronics Support Group

Incumbent is a member of the Instructional & Electronics Support Group 
(IESG) in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Department.
This group is responsible for the hardware and software maintenance of
our instructional labs.  IESG is also responsible for maintenance of our
multimedia rooms in Cory and Soda Halls.


    + Under general direction, responsible for all aspects of audiovisual
      and multimedia equipment fabrication and performance at the highest
      level of facility design and development required of a 
    + Work requires independent contributions based on a working knowledge
      and appreciation of basic scientific principles systems integrating
      audio, video projection and computer technologies.


    Incumbent receives policy and management guidelines from the IESG
    Associate Manager.  The incumbent will confer with the Instructional 
    and Electronics Support staff in determining priorities as well as 
    specific actions to be taken.