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JOB LISTING - student position in EECS Instruction - lab support

Listing posted by:
  Kevin Mullally, 378 Cory, 643-6141

Applicants should contact:
  Kevin Mullally, 378 Cory, 643-6141

Start date: to be determined (sometime in Jan 2006)

  TITLE: Assistant III (4920)
  SUPERVISOR: Manager of Instructional Systems Group
  HOURS: 49%  (about 18 hrs/week)
  SALARY: depending on skill, up to $16.34/hr
  DESCRIPTION:  Employee is a member of the EECS Instructional Support Group, 
  which is the technical support staff for several servers and 12 instructional
  computing labs in Cory Hall, Soda Hall and Hearst Field Annex C.  
  Patrol the instructional labs, repair printer and workstations if possible.  
  Report problems to the larger sys admin group.  Do weekend lab checks (2-4 
  hours on Saturday or Sunday).  

  Provide user consulting by email and in person to students and instructors.  
  Help to administer class accounts and software for classes.  Take guidance 
  and direction from the manager and staff of ISG.  Submit monthly time sheet 
  to manager of ISG.  Office is in Cory Hall.


  Required:  college background in Computer Science; excellent written and 
  verbal communications skills; experience in computer systems adminstration,
  experience programming in a variety of computer languages and environments.
  B+ or better in CS61A.

  Desirable but not required:  experience with computer system maintenance; 
  experience as a tutor or lab aide; systems administration of UNIX, MS 
  Windows and MacOSX.