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ESG/ISG Meeting Agendas - 2006

Date (location)




Sep 25
(533 Cory)
Ferenc, Kevin, Pathma, Linda
  • Plans for 204B Cory (Spring 2007).

  • Plans for 353 Soda (Fall 2006).

  • Procedures for sharing info like this.

    1. What are the current classes and software requirements for 353 Cory?
      Tho asked us to install CodeVision AVR and Studio4 on the new machines (353-25 through 36).
      Are there other software?

    2. How do we obtain new software and licenses (i.e. Solidworks)?

    3. What classes will use 204B Cory?
      What model are the new computers and when will they be available?

    4. In additional to AVR, these program were in 204B Cory.
      Are they needed in 353 Cory?
      	Express PCB
      	Flash Tools
      	SolidWorks (what version?)

    5. Who will help us create AIs and verify the installations?

    Monday, September 25, 2006