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EECS INSTRUCTIONAL domain Win2K Migration
Agenda for July 12, 2001

Goal: Migration and Best Practices for Instruction in EECS Win2K Domain


  1. Naming conventions
  2. Scripting Tools
  3. Migrating Servers
  4. Active Directory
  5. Meeting Schedule and Minutes
  6. Questions and Investigations:
    * UPSs?
    * Exchange?
    * add computers?
    * firewalls for labs
  7. Security Settings and other Solutions

Project timeline:

Task Complete It On
no meeting July 5
  1.   Demo of WEB site for maintaining Win2K accounts & security groups (Kevin);
  2.   Moving FILESERVICE and other computers into the EECS domain.
  3.   Group Policies.
July 12 (11am)
Moving INSTRUCTIONAL workstations to EECS domain July/August 2001

Active Directory OUs and GPOs

Scripting Tools

Naming conventions

Migrating Servers

ISG/ESG Servers in the EECS Win2K Domain:

Meeting Schedule and Minutes:

Questions and Investigations:

  1. Adding Computers:
    ESG/ISG sys admins will be allowed to add computers and users under the INSTRUCTIONAL OU. IDSG has a "Memorandum of Understanding" (
    IDSG 2K, IDSG forms ?) about the procedures that we will sign.

  2. UPSs:
    Pei has taken over implemetation of a UPS in 165 Cory, to be shared by IDSG, CUSG, ASG, ESG and ISG.

    We want a UPS that can send a serial line signal to each computer on it, to start the shutdown.

    ESG needs to submit a list of computers and related power requirements. These seem to be the ESG computers in 165 Cory: Netshow, Fischer, Data, WEB, California, ESG, ESG1, ESG2, Polgar, Browne and 2 unnamed ones on the rack above Polgar

    ISG's list for 165 Cory:

      	Kasparov (home dirs):	max 1400 VA  (disk, cpu, crt = 3 5-15R plugs)
    	Vortex (home dirs):	max 1400 VA  (disk, cpu, kvm = 3 5-15R plugs)
    	Cory  (WEB server):	max  960 VA  (cpu,crt  = 2 5-15R plug)

    ISG's list for 387 Soda:

    	Mamba (home dirs):	max 1800 VA (2 disk, cpu, tape, crt = 5 5-15R plugs)
    	Viper (email, WEB):	max 1000 VA (cpu, crt = 2 5-15R plugs)

  3. Exchange 2000:
    Alex will review the options and we'll discuss at a future meeting.

  4. Firewalls:
    University of Alberta   (thanks, Rob)

    Security Settings and other Solutions: