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IESG Meeting Agenda - Aug 16, 1999

  1. conventions for class accounts

    • We decided not to change the procedures fromn last year. That means there are 4 types of instructional accounts:

      1. UNIX "named" accounts ("jdoe@cory")
        for all classes except: CS3, CS3s, CS9{a,b,c,d,e,f}, CS61{a,b,c}, CS160, CS162, CS184, CS186

      2. UNIX "class" accounts ("cs61a-aa@cory")
        for CS3, CS3s, CS9{a,b,c,d,e,f}, CS61{a,b,c}, CS160, CS162, CS184, CS186

      3. NT "class" accounts for EE classes ("ee40jdoe", no email)
        they must get a UNIX "named" account first

      4. NT "class" accounts for CS classes ("cs186-aa@cory")
        we create the UNIX and NT "class" account at the same time

    • Check your access to http://inst.EECS.Berkeley.EDU/~roster/cardkey/ for enrollment lists.

    • Not discusssed:
      How about giving all accounts a shared logon script?
      It can just run "logon.bat" in the user's home dir if the file exists.
      Could also display user-wide messages from sys admins, install "help" icon, etc.

  2. Send Ferenc or me any corrections to http://inst.eecs/~inst/iesglabs.html

  3. workstation security procedures:

    • add Inst PC MAC addresses to DHCP server.
    • check UNIX & NT wkstns, kill unatttended logins.
    • record NT wkstn logins in PDC Event Logs (need space: fischer?)
    • archive PDC Event Logs to tape.

  4. Status of NT server dumps in 165 Cory

      Katherina and I have worked to get the DLT library working on C119Z so that \\fileservice and \\fischer could be dumped to it. I think she did not succeed before leaving for vacation. C119Z failed to reboot after the power glitch on Aug 7, and I just got it running again on Aug 15. I intend to work in the tape drive this week... (kevinm)

  5. What instructional WEB servers are for (who can use it)

    • iesg.eecs is for ILAB and AV info, ESG recherge services (sys admins)
    • www-inst.eecs is default location for UNIX-based WEB sites (classes, students)
    • scotland.cs is default location for NT-based WEB sites (classes, students)
    • saidar.eecs is for secure sites (sys admins)
    • parker.eecs is for WebCAD (special CAD applications, set up by sys admins)

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