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ISG/ESG Meeting Agenda for July 20, 2000

  1. Terminology:

    There are currently 4 types of instructional accounts:

    1. UNIX "named" accounts ("jdoe@cory")
      for all classes except: CS3, CS3s, CS9{a,b,c,d,e,f}, CS61{a,b,c}, CS160, CS162, CS184, CS186
    2. UNIX "class" accounts ("cs61a-aa@cory")
      for CS3, CS3s, CS9{a,b,c,d,e,f}, CS61{a,b,c}, CS160, CS162, CS184, CS186
    3. NT "class" accounts for EE classes ("ee40jdoe", no email)
      they must get a UNIX "named" account first
    4. NT "class" accounts for CS classes ("cs186-aa@cory")
      we create the UNIX and NT "class" account at the same time

    I propose that 'named' accounts (1) should also get matching NT accounts.
    I propose that 'class' accounts (2, 3 & 4) should use the "cs61a-aa" naming convention and that 'WEBroster' should be able to assign the logins.

  2. Functions of 'WEBroster'

    URL (demo version): http://inst.EECS.Berkeley.EDU/~roster/

    'WEBroster' does not try to create or modify any user accounts or cardkey access, it just provides the data needed to do that.

    Sources of data:

    1. UCB Student Enrollment records.
    2. UCB OLADS/TeleBears class enrollment records.
    3. INST 'roster' files created for UNIX 'class' accounts.
    4. EECS "master password" file (has all 'named' account logins).
    5. Updates entered manually by instructional staff, via 'WEBroster'.

    Info displayed for one student or all students in a class or group:

    1. name and SID number
    2. what major they are in
    3. what classes they are in and if they are a TA
    4. what groups they are in, such as "SUPERB"
    5. what doors their cardkeys should open
    6. what computer accounts they have
    7. what email address we have for them
    8. data for generating new computer accounts for them

    Present this info in formats that are easily used as input to account creation scripts, email lists and WEB access control lists, such as:

  3. Plans for Instructional Accounts and WEBroster

    Goal: Why: What we need to do:
    NT 'class' accounts should not have to wait for UNIX accounts:

    This is mainly for the EE classes that get 'class' accounts. There may be fewer such classes once we issue NT 'named' accounts, but there will always be some.

    1) Currently, NT 'class' account logons are generated using the UNIX 'named' account.

    2) Waiting 24+ hrs for 'newacct' is an inconvenience.

    3) We need to know who was assigned the NT 'class' account.

    1) 'WEBroster' must allow staff to add new students to a class or group.

    2) 'WEBroster' should display all INSTRUCTIONAL UNIX and NT accounts for a user.

    3) 'WEBroster' should generate the next available 'class' account login for a user, so that a staff can use it to create the account. Once the account is created, the 'WEBroster' database must be updated.

    All 'named' accounts get UNIX and NT accounts:

    In August, I plan to create an INSTRUCTIONAL NT account CS or every existing UNIX 'named' account (current EE and CS majors). New 'named' accounts will be created on UNIX and NT.

    1) Use the NT wkstns in the drop-in labs (111, 117, 199 Cory, 330 Soda).

    2) NT accounts for CS and EE majors will not expire each semester.

    3) Enable UNIX acccess via Samba (matching logins).

    4) Associate pasteur.eecs email accounts with NT accounts.

    1) Add a script to 'newacct-backend' for creating NT 'named' accounts.

    2) About 5000 new NT home dirs would go on FILESERVICE.

    3) With 10-MB disk quotas, would require as much as 50-GB disk space.

    Control profiles of NT 4.0 'named' accounts 1) Enable students to use one NT account for several classes.

    2) Avoid problems with oversized profiles.

    3) Allow users to customize their logon environment.

    4) Allow sys admins to display logon messages, install "help" icon, etc for all users

    1) Assign a single, standard mandatory profile.

    2) Enter "logon.bat" as the Logon Script Name.

    3) Install \winnt\system32\repl\Export\Scripts\logon.bat:

      if exist U:\%USERNAME%\logon.bat U:\%USERNAME%\logon.bat
    4) Install logon.bat in each new home dir; users can modify.
    Generate lists of all NT accounts in a class or group:

    This is needed to create NT groups.

    1) Use to set the "Log on locally" User Rights Policy on local NT wkstns.

    2) Use to control access to specific class folders and files.

    1) 'WEBroster' must display all NT 'named' or 'class' accounts for users in one class or group.

  4. Questions?

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