EE 245 / NEEM 6441: Introduction to MEMS Design

Fall 2007








Announcements (updated 11/14):

  • Homework 5 is posted and due on 11/29.
  • Office hours have been moved from Thursday 11/15 to Wednesday 11/14 and from Tuesday 11/27 to Wednesday 11/28 due to some last-minute travel arrangements. I will still be checking email during these times.
  • Homework 4 is posted and due on 11/13 . For software help, check out the Software page.
  • Homework 3 is posted and due on 10/25. For software help, check out the Software page.
  • Conference call with Prof. Pister on Monday, October 15 at 11am PST.
  • Homework 2 is posted and due on 10/11.
  • Kris Pister's famous fold-up Silicon crystal. If you're looking for something to put on your desk to impress your co-workers (or to better understand silicon crystal planes), print this out and fold it up.
  • Homework 1 is posted and due on 9/27.
  • Introductory conference call to be held at 11am PST on September 4, 2007. See email from CalVIEW office for more information. Please join the call to become acquainted with how the course will operate.
  • Class mailing list:, when asking questions that may be of a concern of the whole class, e.g., regarding homework, please use this email alias so everyone will receive a copy.

Course Description:

The course will begin with a summary of integrated circuit fabrication technologies leading into an overview of the technologies available to shape electromechanical elements on a submillimeter scale. Physics of MEMS devices will be covered at a level necessary to design and analyze new devices and systems. Several commercially available MEMS processes will be discussed in detail, and students will design final projects in these processes. Topical Areas Include: Basic fabrication techniques: lithography, thin film deposition, chemical and plasma etching, anisotropic silicon etching. Device physics: beam theory, electrostatic actuation, capacitive and piezoresistive sensing, thermal sensors and actuators. Standard processes: 2 layer polysilicon, CMOS, LIGA, Electronic interfacing, mechanical and electrical noise, fundamental limits CAD tools: layout, process simulation, PDE and ODE solvers, synthesis.


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