Hw & Exam


Analysis and Design of VLSI Analog-Digital Interface Circuits

NTU NEEI6351 / Berkeley EECS247

Fall 2007



Special Note:  This syllabus reflects the sequence of lectures in the course as it was videotaped in the Fall of 2002.  You must take the exams by the deadlines below.  If you have a conflict, call BEFORE the deadline to arrange an alternative Time..

  • Lecture #1 – Analog Interface circuits overview

(MATLAB files: bode3, bodehz, bodemaghz, bodephhz)


      Conference Call - MANDATORY Introductory telephone discussion with Simone Gambini


(MATLAB files: bode3_lpf1, bode3_lpf2, bode3_lpf3, bode_lpf1, bode_lpf2, bode_lpf3, lpf3, sk1, sk2)


(MATLAB files: notch, zero)

(SPECTRE netlists: tow_thomas)



  • Lecture #4 – Noise and dynamic range            

(SPECTRE netlists: lpf, lpf_ota, tow_thomas_noise)


  • Lecture #5 – Higher order filters               

(MATLAB files: eye, eye_sim, step, step_sim, template)


(MATLAB files: biquad, ladder)

(SPECTRE netlists: LC5, LC5dr, LC5noise, LC5sensitivity, LC5syn, LC5zero_simulation, LC5zeros)



(MATLAB files: zoh)


(SPECTRE netlists: RCnoise, RCpac, RCtran)


  • Lecture #10 – Bilinear transform ( HOMEWORK #2 DUE )

(SPECTRE netlists: bp, int_inv, int_non_inv, martin_sedra)






  • Lecture #15 – Sampling                     

(SPECTRE netlists: clockBooster, constantVgs)


      Conference Call - Telephone discussion with David Chen.



      MIDTERM  EXAMINATION: Must be postmarked by 3/2.







  • Lecture #22 – Nonlinearities in sigma-delta modulators ( HOMEWORK #4 DUE )




  • Lecture #25 – Digital data receivers (  Term Project DUE )



      Conference Call: Telephone discussion to review for final exam with Simone Gambini.


  • Lecture #27 –  Offset control             


      FINAL EXAMINATION: Must be postmarked by 12/18.