Hw & Exam


Analysis and Design of VLSI Analog-Digital Interface Circuits

NTU 247 / Berkeley EECS247

Spring 2007


Problem Sets

§         Homework #1, due Thurs. 1/18

(This homework requires “tf” and “bode3” functions from MATLAB. Make sure your version of MATLAB is equipped with those two functions by running this .m test file.)

§         Homework #2, due Thurs. 2/1

§         Homework #3, due Thurs. 2/19

§         Homework #4, due Mon. 3/19

§         Homework #5, due Mon. 4/2

§         Term Project, due Tue. 3/27




All homework assignments will be posted on the class web. Solutions will be mailed to the students as soon as his/her work is received. The assignments are due according to the syllabus.