Hw & Exam


Analysis and Design of VLSI Analog-Digital Interface Circuits

NTU 247 / Berkeley EECS247

Spring 2007


Simulation Tools:

We will be using intensive computer simulations in the homework. Matlab is used to design and verify the system performance. The preferred circuit simulators are SPECTRE, HSPICE/AWAVES (from Avanti). Most of the homework sets only require the use of a SPICE simulator, but some require the use of SPECTRE.


                       Matlab educational sites from University of Maine.

                       Introduction to Simulink from Purdue University.


                       SPICE tutorial and tips: Berkeley ICBook.

                       HSPICE manual (downloadable PDF files)

                       Running SPICE

                       List of UNIX workstations for running SPICE


                       EECS 247 SPECTRE guide


                       Free download from Linear Technology Corporation: LTSpice Download


                       Thanks to Kalin Lazarov for finding this freeware from SCILAB

UNIX Account:

 Anyone enrolled in the class is eligible to obtain a temporary EECS instructional account that has access to the recent versions of HSPICE / SPECTRE. Due to past reports on firewall issues and speed of simulation however, students are strongly encouraged to use their local resources whenever possible. There are no transistor-level simulations for this course. Thus no model libraries are needed. Please let the course consultant know if you have to use the EECS instructional resources.

Information about connecting over the network can be found at http://www-inst.eecs.berkeley.edu/connecting.html. It includes information about downloading SSH for free and about using X Windows. You can get help via email to root@cory or call Kevin if you are really stuck (510-643-6141).

                                 Connecting to your temporary account

                                 Instructional Computing WEB site

                                 User's Guide for Instructional Computing

                                 Help on the X Window system