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About Us

Who We Are

WiCSE was founded in 1977 by CS graduate students Paula Hawthorn, Diane McEntyre, Barbara Simons, Mary Ann Niemat, Susan Eggers, and Deborah Estrin and celebrated its 40th anniversary in March of 2018. This robust networking and advocacy organization has been successful in attracting and sustaining womxn students through sponsoring pre-college outreach and hosting activities from weekly lunches to national conferences. Sheila Humphreys, academic coordinator for student matters in EECS, credits WiCSE's success to its continuity, its ongoing contact with successful alumnae and other prominent women in the field, and to the support it receives from EECS for staff, space, and funding. Please enjoy Sheila's detailed histroy of WiCSE HERE.

What We Do

WiCSE aims at building a community between womxn graduate students and creating a welcoming and supportive environment for them throughout their graduate studies. Cultivating important ties with industry partners and research institutions, WiCSE is highly involved in outreach programs designed to develop interest in science among young womxn throughout their childhood and teenage years. We organize workshops to help our members develop professional skills, and host networking events with industry partners, researchers, and professors. WiCSE builds and maintains a strong professional network to provide advice and opportunities to its members.


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Meet the Officers

Co-Presidents: Jessica Dai, Paula Gradu, Deb Raji (remote Fall 2023)

Secretary: Sabriya Alam

Lunch Coordinator (Soda/Cory): Sophie Koh

Outreach Coordinator: Marwa Abdulhai

Industry Liaison: Could be you!

Treasurer: Could be you!

Lunch Coordinator (Berkeley Way West): Could be you!