Downloading SSH and Putty

The SSH and Putty software that is available here will let you login to our UNIX co mputers without exposing your password to "sniffers" over the net.   All EECS department computers have SSH (on UNIX) or Putty (on Windows).   You must have a copy of SSH or Putty if you want to log in to EECS Instructional UNIX systems from home.

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To login to UNIX: PuTTY for Windows   (replaces SSH Secure Shell)
To transfer files using drag and drop: WinSCP   (replaces SSH Secure File Transfer)
To display UNIX XWindows programs: Xming (get xing and xming-fonts), Xming notes   (replaces Exceed)
Note: Putty handles the emacs metakey correctly from Windows.
More information:   putty.pdf
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Mac OS
Mac OS X: OpenSSH is already included.
(You can download XonX (a/k/a XFree86-Aqua) from SourceForge for X11 compatibility.)
More information:
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Red Hat Linux version 7 already comes with SSH.
X Windows (XFree86) comes standard with Linux distributions.
More information:
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BSD & Other Unix
OpenSSH, a free version of SSH for many Unix platforms, can be downloaded from   The easiest X Window System distribution to use is XFree86; you can get XFree86 if you don't have it already from
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