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Rules of Conduct


The Instructional Group of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Department requires the following account agreement. By using an account on one of the Instructional systems, you are agreeing to follow these rules:

``I agree to abide by the following rules of conduct. I acknowledge that my failure to do so may result in the denial of my access to the Instructional systems and may also warrant further disciplinary action by the University.

  1. I will not use the computers to transmit or display any text, images or sounds that are defamatory or obscene or that threaten other users with harm. I am bound by the laws and University policies that prohibit defamation, harassment, exploitation and intimidation in all forms. [These policy statements are available from the Chancellor's Office and the Student Conduct Office.]
  2. I will not use a false identity in email or other communications via computer.
  3. I will not attempt or participate in unauthorized entry into another user's account or into another system. I will not view another person's computer files without permission or plagiarize from their computer files.
  4. I will not share the use of my account or give my password to anyone else.
  5. I acknowledge that improper use of copyrighted material is illegal.
  6. I will use this account for EECS coursework only. I will not any network servers, nor will I run Xtrek or other network-based games. I will not use screen locks or disable a computer in any other way.
  7. I will not bring food or drinks into the labs.

These statements define your rights as well as the restrictions concerning the use of your account. If you think you have been the victim of any of these offenses, please notify a member of the Instructional Group immediately.

A copy of this agreement is in /usr/pub/account-form on all Instructional machines.