CS10 Midterm Logistics

Material Coverage

The midterm will test material covered since the beginning of the semester until week 9 (inclusive) -- everything we have done in class (readings, lectures, labs, homeworks) up through, and including, the HCI lecture, except what was covered in discussion.


The midterm will be administered in two parts on Wednesday 10-24, a with-BYOB part worth 10 points and a traditional, paper part worth 50 points. The first with-BYOB part will be administered at 200 Sutardja Dai during the lab section that you regularly attend. Lab starts at 10m after the hour, and you will begin your lab by filling out a survey. At 30m after the hour you will be handed a single question and you will have 90m to work on it (until lab ends). For example, if you attend the 11am to 1pm section, the survey will be completed between 11:10am and 11:30am, and the with-BYOB first part of your midterm will be administered between 11:30am and 1pm. The first part of the midterm will be done on the computer, and you will each sit one computer per student. You will submit your final answers on bSpace.

The second part (the "paper midterm") will be administered at 2050 VLSB from 8pm to 10pm 10-24. It will be done on paper, and we will provide a list of the blocks available in Scratch and BYOB that you can use. The style of this part of the midterm will be similar to that of the Quest: we will ask you questions on the readings, on various concepts, and on programming in BYOB. You are allowed two study sheets of size 8.5" x 11", handwritten on both sides.

Please let the staff know if you have a legitimate conflict with the times of the midterm administrations so that we can make alternate arrangements. Please let us know by October 18th; we cannot help you if you inform us the day before the midterm.

Review Session

There will be a review session for the midterm, from 2pm to 5pm on Sunday 10-21, at the Evans 10. The presentation from the review session is available here.


First off, don't panic! Drink some chamomile tea, take a deep breath, and maybe even read this comic strip. Work through the labs and homeworks once again, and ask questions if anything is unclear. We have also posted previous Midterms below. You may find them useful to get a sense of how the midterm will be structured and what may be on it.