CS10 Quest Information

General Information

The high-order bit is that the quest is only worth 5% of your grade, so don't get too stressed about the exam. We're going to be aiming the difficulty of the exam relatively low, so if you've been coming to class and lab, and doing your homework and readings, you should do quite well.

The quest will be taking place on Wednesday, September 26th, 2012 from 1-2pm.

It will be entirely paper-based and no laptops will be allowed. Anything we've done in class or in the readings (except discussions, these vary by TA and are meant for reinforcement of existing content and addressing student questions) is fair game. We usually divide the course (and exam) into two sections:

Approximately half of the points will be from Big Ideas of Computing, and these will most likely be fill-in-the-blank or short response. The other half of the exam will be Programming Concepts, and these will involve debugging short blocks of code, identifying what a provided block or algorithm does, or similar exercises.

What you're allowed to bring to the exam

Pencils. You will not need a blue book; you'll write in the blanks on the exam paper we'll provide. The exam is closed book, except for one handwritten (double-sided) "study sheet" of paper. On the upcoming midterm, you'll be able to bring two sheets, and on the final, three. All have to be handwritten.

How to Study

The three best ways to study are to review the materials we've been over (labs, readings, lectures, homework), to attend the review session, and to review recent public quests below:

The quest will be similar in scope to last semester's version, and the topics and readings for both versions of the course should be similar enough that the actual questions should be answerable for you in most cases. Reviewing homework exercises are also a good idea in order to reinforce lab concepts.

We always encourage students to form study teams, feel free to use Piazzza to organize that based on living group or interest or lab...