Computer Science 162 Fall 2002

Operating Systems and System Programming


Thursday 12/19/02 2:10pm
Final grades have been computed and posted along with your midterm 3 grades. Happy Holidays everyone.
Wednesday 12/18/02 9:27pm
Please note that the midterm 3 grades on glookup are NOT correct. We do have the correct values recorded and the professor is computing grades. Have a fun-filled break!
Thursday 12/12/02 9:58 pm
The group evaluations script has been turned off; we are no longer accepting evaluations.
Friday 12/6/02 12:50 pm
Several group evaluations are still missing. They are technically due two days after the corresponding project, but we are extending the deadline to midnight tonight. In any case, please make sure to submit all your group evaluations soon, or you will probably lose points.
Wednesday 12/4/02 9:41pm
The midterm 3 review notes from tonight are up. Good luck with all your studying, and see you tomorrow in 10 Evans at 7pm.
Friday 11/29/02 11:41am

From: Robert Wilensky (,

Dear Students,

As per your request, wireless network service is now available to you.

We're very happy to announce that AirBears, UC Berkeley's wireless (802.11B) network service, is now available in EECS instructional facilities in Soda, Cory and Davis Halls.

In particular, EECS Instruction has funded the installation of AirBears access points that can now be reached from the following rooms:

105, 111, 117, 119, 125 Cory
310, 345, 349 Davis
271, 273, 275, 277 Soda
306, 333, 337, 349 Soda

While our motivation is primarily to support undergraduate wireless access, AirBears is free and available to ALL students, faculty and staff at UC Berkeley.

Note that AirBears is a separate wireless network from the EECS wireless network (which is available in the rest of Soda and Cory, etc.). Thus, if you are a user of the EECS wireless network, you will have to switch wireless networks if you move between an EECS zone and an AirBears zone.

Unlike EECS's wireless network, AirBears uses no encryption, but requires a CalNet ID for authentication. For further information about how to use AirBears service, see this page for help.

Special thanks to Kevin Mullally and Fred Archibald, along with the rest of the Instructional and IDSG staff, for making this happen.

Friday 11/22/02 5:51pm
On Monday, 11/25, Prof. Smith's office hours will be 10:45-11:45am; he will not be around for the afternoon office hours.
Thursday 11/21/02 4:51pm
Please email (to cs162-ta) questions (by 12/2/02 11:59pm) you'd like the TAs to go over during the midterm3 review session. Otherwise we'll just go over the sample final in the reader.
Wednesday 11/20/02 10:26pm
The solutions for Midterm 2 are now up! Sorry for the delay.
Wednesday 11/20/02 12:25pm
Reminder: the last "midterm" in CS162 will be given the evening of Thursday, December 5, 2002, starting at 7pm. There will be no "final exam". The exam will be cumulative, and will (potentially) cover everthing from the start of the semester. The exam will be in 10 Evans. There will be a review session on Wednesday, December 4, starting at 7pm, also in 10 Evans. Course grades should be available 7-10 days after the last exam, and will be posted in ~cs162/Students/course_grades by "code number." Make sure that you know your code number, and that we have it.
Wednesday 11/6/02 1:34pm
Locations for design reviews today (with David Marin):
2-3: 320 Soda
3-4: 573 Soda
4-6: 310 Soda
If you haven't signed up for a design review yet, you can do one during Dave's office hours tomorrow in 611 Soda. Available time slots are 4:00-4:20, 4:20-4:40, 4:40-5:00, 5:00-5:20. Please email your preferences (cs162-tb) tonight. Please be on time; design reviews are not on Berkeley time.
Sunday 11/3/02 2:34am
Design Reviews have now begun, please email me your top three choices along with your group members' logins. If you've previously emailed a TA about signing up, please email me again (this is to be fair, we officially started signing up at the time this was posted). Please see design review for times and locations.
Friday 11/1/02 10:52pm
Dave will be late to his office hours on Tuesday but will stay until 3:30pm.
Monday 10/28/02 10:00pm
Please see abe's 162 website for notes from the review for midterm 2 given earlier tonight.
Thursday 10/24/02 10:30pm
Nachos phase 3 is now due Wednesday 11/13/02 at 12:59pm. Enjoy your weekend =).
If you need more time, remember that you have 5 late days for the semester.
Thursday 10/24/02 10:20pm
If you have any questions or topics you'd like to go over during the review session on Monday, please email them to Abe
Monday 10/21/02 5:52pm
Phase 3 of Nachos is now due 11/12/02 at 10pm.
Monday 10/21/02 12:25pm
1.) Due to the servers being down last night, phase 2 of nachos is now due at 10pm 10/21/02.
2.) Midterm two review will be held Monday 10/28/02 in 10 Evans staring at 7pm
3.) Midterm two will be held Wednesday 10/30/02 in 10 Evans starting at 7pm
Wednesday 10/16/02 5:37pm
The solutions for Midterm 1 are now up!
Monday 10/7/02 10:40am
The exam will be this evening in 4 LeConte (only), at 7:00pm.
Tuesday 10/1/02 4:17pm
As decided in class, the review session for Midterm I will start at 7:30pm in 10 Evans.
Monday 9/30/02 12:47pm
Abe will cancel his OH thursday and have OH on Sunday from 1-3pm in the Wozniak Lounge (on the 4th floor of Soda). Note: this is not a review, so you should bring questions.
Sunday 9/29/02 11:36pm
Two annoucements regarding Midterm ONE:
1.) Review will be held in 10 Evans on Thurs. 10/3/02 from 7-10pm. We probably won't go all the way until 10pm.
2.) CS 162 midterm is scheduled for Monday, 10/7, at 7pm. The exam will tenatively(!) be in 2 and 4 LeConte, but a room change has been requested.
Wednesday 9/25/02 12:20am
I've posted the Nachos Java Doc on my webpage. -Abe
Tuesday 9/24/02 2:14pm
There will be not be a regular lecture in cs162 on Wednesday, September 25. The TAs will be available to answer questions and review material that was confusing.
Friday 9/20/02 1:30pm
Rodrigo will cancel OH on tuesday 9/24/02 and has graciously offered to have more design reviews on monday 9/23/02 from 2:00-3:40pm instead.
Wednesday 9/18/02 10:00pm
There have been a few questions concerning the design dococument, so to clarify:
1.) The design document is worth up to 5% of the phase, and will be grade by the TAs during the design review
2.) The 'design.txt' that is due with the phase will be composed of the answers to questions at the end of the phase doc. and the design doc from the design review updated to reflect your actual design. (the design doc is NOT due 2 days after each phase)
3.)The design doc you include will not hurt your grade, but will be used to offer partial credit. (so if you fail autograder, rather than give you a zero, we'll try to give some partial credit based on design).
Tuesday 9/17/02 22:20pm
the CVS group roster is now online (you need this info to run cvsgroup). If your partners are here, but you're not, you probably need to log into your shell and run ssh-keygen1 so we can add you.
Saturday 9/14/02 12:29pm
the Group Signup page is now up, please register your groups there so CVS can be set up. This is different from Design Review signups (email those to cs162-ta).
Friday 9/13/02 5:27pm
For design review signups, each group will email (one email only) me, cs162-ta, their top 3 choices of times and i will give time based on FCFS. The times are as follows:
Rodrigo: Tu,Fr 2-4pm in 711 Soda
Dave: Tu 12:40-3pm, Tu 5-6:20pm in 611 Soda
Abe: Wed 5-7pm, Th 3-5pm in 411 Soda
The times are in 20 min intervals, for example 5-7 means, 5-5:20, 5:20-5:40, 5:40-6, etc. Dont try to sign up for 5:30 and please dont be late to your appointment. -Abe
Thursday 9/12/02 9:00pm
Abraham Shaw's OH have changed, by popular demand of his section, to Tuesday 4-5:30p in 711 Soda and Thursday 2-3:30p in 751 Soda.
Wednesday 9/11/02 10:35pm
The videotapes will be available in the CalVIEW video library (205 McLaughlin) for viewing, after the usual 4pm viewing in the Hughes room. They should be available within about 48 hours after each class. [from prof. Smith]
Tuesday 9/10/02 10:31pm
The Group Evaluations page is now up. Please follow the instructions on that page and see the Mechanics page for examples. -Abe
Tuesday 9/10/02 4:07pm
Just so all the students know, both Abe Shaw and Rodrigo Fonseca. have webpages with section notes on them -Abe
Tuesday 9/10/02 12:12pm
Sorry for the confusion concerning the video playback room. There have been half a dozen tenative times and places over the last week. so here is the latest news for video playback: M/W 4-5:30 4th floor Cory in the Hughes Room. -Abe
Monday 9/9/02 8:18am
Nachos Phase 1 is up, please take a look at this before the Nachos Review on Thursday. -Abe
Friday 9/6/02 5:12pm
Video playback of lecture will be held at 4pm in the Hogan Room in Cory Hall. We're not sure about wednesday currently (keep watching for updates).
Friday 9/6/02 4:32pm
Nachos review will be held in 1 LECONTE starting at 7pm on 9/12/02. -Abe
Thursday 9/5/02 11:59pm
Video play back of lectures will be held in 310 Soda: Monday 5:30-7pm and Wednesday 4-5:30pm.
Wednesday 9/4/02 11:58pm
Please turn in hw8 (lecture notes assignment) by email one week after the date of the lecture to cs162-tb. Note this is a change from the syllabus. -Abe
Tuesday 9/3/02 5:19pm
According to, thurs. 11-12p & thurs. 1-2p sections will now be held in 310 Hearst Minning starting this week (9/5/02). -Abe
Friday 8/30/02 11:35am
If you are not officially enrolled in CS162, please fill out an appeal form on the 3rd floor of Soda ASAP. -Abe
Thusday 8/29/02 8:10pm
HW1 is up in the homework file, and is due on Sept. 11th 2002, 12:45pm. -Abe
Thursday 8/29/02 8:00pm
Abe's OH have been changed to Tu,Th 2-3:30pm in 751 Soda (alcove). -Abe
Tuesday 8/27/02
Reminder that the discussions have changed locations:
101. Thurs. 11-12pm is now in B51 Hildebrand
102. Thurs. 1-2pm is now in 87 Evans
Monday 8/26/02
Lectures will be held in 306 Soda (overflow in 310 Soda) from 1:00-2:30pm beginning Sept. 9th, 2002. Before then lectures will still be held in 10 Evans from 4-5:30pm. -Abe