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Nachos Code Distributions

The Java version of Nachos is available for you to download here: nachos-java-sp07.tar.gz (111 Kb gzipped tarfile). You can unpack this file using the command gtar xzf nachos-java-sp07.tar.gz which will create the directory nachos. See the file README contained within the tarfile for information on using and compiling the code.

Each project group should download this code just once and place it under Subversion control for the group to use. We will be setting up Subversion repositories for each group soon; in the meantime, you should be reading through the code and trying to understand how it works.

Project Components

There are four projects. Each project has three components:
  1. A design document. You will meet with your TA to discuss your design about 7 days before the code is due.
  2. Project code.
  3. Project group member evaluations.

General Project Information


Cross Compilers