Package nachos.machine

Provides classes that implement the Nachos simulated machine.


Interface Summary
ElevatorControllerInterface A controller for all the elevators in an elevator bank.
ElevatorControls A set of controls that can be used by an elevator controller.
FileSystem A file system that allows the user to create, open, and delete files.
RiderControls A set of controls that can be used by a rider controller.
RiderInterface A single rider.
SerialConsole A serial console can be used to send and receive characters.

Class Summary
ArrayFile A read-only OpenFile backed by a byte array.
Coff A COFF (common object file format) loader.
CoffSection A CoffSection manages a single section within a COFF executable.
Config Provides routines to access the Nachos configuration.
ElevatorBank A bank of elevators.
ElevatorEvent An event that affects elevator software.
ElevatorGui A graphical visualization for the ElevatorBank class.
ElevatorTest Tests the ElevatorBank module, using a single elevator and a single rider.
Interrupt The Interrupt class emulates low-level interrupt hardware.
Kernel An OS kernel.
Lib Provides miscellaneous library routines.
Machine The master class of the simulated machine.
NetworkLink A full-duplex network link.
OpenFile A file that supports reading, writing, and seeking.
OpenFileWithPosition An OpenFile that maintains a current file position.
Packet A link-layer packet.
Processor The Processor class simulates a MIPS processor that supports a subset of the R3000 instruction set.
RiderEvent An event that affects rider software.
StandardConsole A text-based console that uses and System.out.
Stats An object that maintains Nachos runtime statistics.
StubFileSystem This class implements a file system that redirects all requests to the host operating system's file system.
TCB A TCB simulates the low-level details necessary to create, context-switch, and destroy Nachos threads.
Timer A hardware timer generates a CPU timer interrupt approximately every 500 clock ticks.
TranslationEntry A single translation between a virtual page and a physical page.

Exception Summary
MalformedPacketException Thrown when a malformed packet is processed.

Package nachos.machine Description

Provides classes that implement the Nachos simulated machine.