Class LotteryScheduler

  extended by nachos.threads.Scheduler
      extended by nachos.threads.PriorityScheduler
          extended by nachos.threads.LotteryScheduler

public class LotteryScheduler
extends PriorityScheduler

A scheduler that chooses threads using a lottery.

A lottery scheduler associates a number of tickets with each thread. When a thread needs to be dequeued, a random lottery is held, among all the tickets of all the threads waiting to be dequeued. The thread that holds the winning ticket is chosen.

Note that a lottery scheduler must be able to handle a lot of tickets (sometimes billions), so it is not acceptable to maintain state for every ticket.

A lottery scheduler must partially solve the priority inversion problem; in particular, tickets must be transferred through locks, and through joins. Unlike a priority scheduler, these tickets add (as opposed to just taking the maximum).

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class nachos.threads.PriorityScheduler
PriorityScheduler.PriorityQueue, PriorityScheduler.ThreadState
Field Summary
Fields inherited from class nachos.threads.PriorityScheduler
priorityDefault, priorityMaximum, priorityMinimum
Constructor Summary
          Allocate a new lottery scheduler.
Method Summary
 ThreadQueue newThreadQueue(boolean transferPriority)
          Allocate a new lottery thread queue.
Methods inherited from class nachos.threads.PriorityScheduler
decreasePriority, getEffectivePriority, getPriority, getThreadState, increasePriority, setPriority
Methods inherited from class nachos.threads.Scheduler
getEffectivePriority, getPriority, setPriority
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Constructor Detail


public LotteryScheduler()
Allocate a new lottery scheduler.

Method Detail


public ThreadQueue newThreadQueue(boolean transferPriority)
Allocate a new lottery thread queue.

newThreadQueue in class PriorityScheduler
transferPriority - true if this queue should transfer tickets from waiting threads to the owning thread.
a new lottery thread queue.