Class RoundRobinScheduler

  extended by nachos.threads.Scheduler
      extended by nachos.threads.RoundRobinScheduler

public class RoundRobinScheduler
extends Scheduler

A round-robin scheduler tracks waiting threads in FIFO queues, implemented with linked lists. When a thread begins waiting for access, it is appended to the end of a list. The next thread to receive access is always the first thread in the list. This causes access to be given on a first-come first-serve basis.

Constructor Summary
          Allocate a new round-robin scheduler.
Method Summary
 ThreadQueue newThreadQueue(boolean transferPriority)
          Allocate a new FIFO thread queue.
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Constructor Detail


public RoundRobinScheduler()
Allocate a new round-robin scheduler.

Method Detail


public ThreadQueue newThreadQueue(boolean transferPriority)
Allocate a new FIFO thread queue.

Specified by:
newThreadQueue in class Scheduler
transferPriority - ignored. Round robin schedulers have no priority.
a new FIFO thread queue.