CS 162: Operating Systems and System Programming

Instructor: Sam Kumar
Lecture: M,Tu,W,Th 3:30-5:00PM


1M 06/221Introduction to Operating Systems and CS 162 [ppt]A&D Ch 1Section 0: Tools, GDB, C [Solutions]Release HW0: Intro
Tu 06/232Four Fundamental Operating System Concepts [ppt]A&D Ch 2
W 06/243Abstractions 1: Threads and Processes [ppt]A&D 3.1, 4.1-5, 5.1-3Section 1: OS Concepts and x86 [Solutions]Quiz 0 (Optional) (Solutions): 5-6:30 PM
Th 06/254Abstractions 2: Files [ppt]A&D 3.2-3, 11.1-2HW0 DueRelease Project 0: Intro to PintosReview Session: C (Optional)
F 06/26Release HW1: Lists
2M 06/295Abstractions 3: Sockets [ppt]A&D 3.4Section 2: Threads vs. Processes, File APIs [Solutions]
Tu 06/306Abstractions 4: Remote Procedure Calls [ppt]Socket Demo CodeHW1 Due (Solutions)
W 07/017Creating the Process Abstraction [ppt]A&D 3.5-6, A fork() in the roadSection 3: Sockets, RPC [Solutions]Release HW2: ShellCode and Report Due
Th 07/028Synchronization 1: Concurrency and Mutual Exclusion [ppt]A&D 4.6, 5.1-3Release Project 1: User ProgramsDrop Deadline
F 07/03Holiday (Independence Day Observed)Project Groups Due
3M 07/06Review/SlackSection 4: Synchronization, Locks [Solutions]HW2 Due (Solutions)Quiz 1 (Solutions): 5-6:30 PM
Tu 07/079Synchronization 2: Monitors and Language Support for Concurrency [ppt]A&D 5.4-6Release HW3: HTTP ServerDesign Doc Due
W 07/0810Synchronization 3: Lock Implementation [ppt]A&D 5.1-3, 5.7Section 5: Synchronization, Condition Variables [Solutions]
Th 07/0911Scheduling 1: Concepts and Classic Policies [ppt]A&D 7.1, OSTEP Ch 7
F 07/10
4M 07/1312Scheduling 2: Starvation [ppt]A&D 7.4, OSTEP Ch 9Section 6: Synchronization, Scheduling [Solutions]
Tu 07/1413Scheduling 3: Deadlock [ppt]A&D 6.5, OSTEP 32.3Code Due
W 07/1514System Performance and Highly Concurrent Systems [ppt]A&D 7.5-8, SEDA Section 2Section 7: Scheduling, Deadlock, Caches [Solutions]Final Report Due
Th 07/1615Memory 1: Address Translation [ppt]A&D Ch 8, Event-Driven Server Demo CodeRelease Project 2: Scheduling (Scheduling Lab [Solutions])
F 07/17HW3 Due (Solutions)
5M 07/20Review/SlackSection 8: Performance and Address Translation [Solutions]Quiz 2 (Solutions): 5-6:30 PM
Tu 07/2116Memory 2: Paging, Caching, and TLBs [ppt]A&D 9.1-4Design Doc Due
W 07/2217Memory 3: Virtual Memory [ppt]A&D 9.5-8Section 9: Paging [Solutions]Release HW4: Page Walk
Th 07/2318I/O Devices, Controllers, and Drivers [ppt]A&D Ch 11
F 07/24
6M 07/2719File Systems 1: Storage Devices and FAT [ppt]A&D Ch 12Section 10: Paging, I/O [Solutions]HW4 Due (Solutions)
Tu 07/2820File Systems 2: File System Design [ppt]A&D Ch 13, Optional: Berkeley FFSRelease HW5: MemoryCode Due
W 07/2921File Systems 3: Buffering, Transactions, and Journaling [ppt]A&D Ch 14, Optional: LFSSection 11: I/O, File Systems [Solutions]Final Report Due
Th 07/3022Networking and TCP/IP [ppt]End-to-End Principle, Optional: Congestion CollapseRelease Project 3: File Systems
F 07/31
7M 08/03Review/Slack Section 12: File Systems, Journaling [Solutions]Quiz 3 (Solutions): 5-6:30 PM
Tu 08/0423Distributed Systems 1: Distributed File Systems [ppt]OSTEP Ch 48-50Design Doc Due (Example)
W 08/0524Distributed Systems 2: Distributed Key-Value Stores [ppt]Distributed Systems for Fun and Profit Ch 4 Section 13: Networking, Distributed File Systems [Solutions]
Th 08/0625Distributed Systems 3: Distributed Transactions [ppt]Distributed Systems for Fun and Profit Ch 4Release HW6: KV Store
F 08/07HW5A Due
8M 08/1026Virtual Machines [ppt]OSTEP App B, Optional: Hype and Virtue Section 14: Distributed KV Stores, 2PC [Solutions]HW5B Due
Tu 08/1127Special Topics [ppt]None
W 08/1228Mobile Operating Systems and Course Conclusion [ppt]None Section 15: Special Topics [Solutions]
Th 08/13Review/Slack
F 08/14Code DueFinal Exam (Solutions): 5-8 PM
Sat 08/15Final Report Due
Sun 08/16HW6 DueRelease Pintos Fun (Example: cs162proj.dsk, cs162proj.vmdk)

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