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  1. 12/11/2006. Here is a sample final. The final this year will be out of 55 points, however, not 65.
  2. 12/8/2006. Brendan says: Final review session this Sunday, December 10th, in 310 Soda from 3-5p. I'll run things differently from last time; it will be more like a study group. Bring your notes and any questions you have, and your fellow classmates and I will be available to answer them. If you would like practice exams, your best resource is HKN (
  3. 12/7/2006. Consider being TA, reader, or a lab assistant next semester. Prospective TAs and readers sign up here. Lab assistants: Sign up with Jenny Jones in 395 Soda Hall.
  4. 12/4/2006. Project 4 deadline moved to 8 December (Friday). Autograder will run Tuesday night.
  5. 11/17/2006. Project 4 files now available, both in from the web pages (which have been there for several days) and now in your repositories. You will need to copy files from BOTH the staff/proj4 directory AND either the staff/proj4/java or staff/proj4/c++ directories. See the README file.
  6. 11/7/2006. Please use bug-submit to submit bug reports or other problems you may be having. For compilation errors or bugs: on the instructional machines, go to a sufficiently high directory that ALL the files that must be compiled to create your program + a test case to demonstrate your problem are under that directory. Whatever your problem, add a file ERROR containing a complete explanation of your problem, and issue the command:
    bug-submit proj3
    Please do not use the newsgroup for these purposes
  7. 10/2/2006. JBison updated. You'll need this to use the staff lexer. Now in the _staff repository under software/jbison.
  8. 9/15/2006. To access newsgroups from home see this blurb from Instructional Computing.
  9. 9/12/2006. To throw out your old SSH keys and try a new passphrase you can remember this time, just erase the files ~/.ssh/ and ~/.ssh/LOGIN where LOGIN is your login. Then run setup-authentication. It will take 30 minutes or so before we update the key for your SVN repository.

Old Announcements

  1. 11/7/2006. Project 3 due date moved to Thursday, 9 November. As usual, we'll run preliminary tests Tuesday night.
  2. 10/13/2006. Midterm Review: Sunday 15 Oct 2006 at 4PM in 310 Soda. Before coming, please take a look at (and try to do) these review questions.
  3. 10/4/2006. Some small updates to Project #2 spec:
  4. 10/2/2006. Staff lexer (Java only) available in the _staff repository:
    svn checkout svn+ssh://cs164-tb@nova.cs/_staff/solutions/project
  5. 9/29/2006. Midterm on Wednesday, 18 October 2006 from 6-8PM in 306 Soda Hall.
  6. 9/25/2006. Project #2 and Homework #3 descriptions now available on the homework web page. Please submit future homeworks to the new repository svn+ssh://cs164-tb@HOST/_hw/LOGIN. Your old directories under your team repositories are now read-only to remind you not to submit there.
  7. 9/11/2006. Homework 2 is on-line; due 18 September (Monday).
  8. 9/8/2006. Project 1 available: see the Homework link.
  9. 9/8/2006. Hand in this week's homework with submit hw1 while in the directory containing your solutions.
  10. 9/8/2006. Ignore useless warnings from JFlex about possibly matching too much input.
  11. 9/4/2006. Sign up your team! Please use the command
    "make-team team-name partner-login1 ..." to register your team. You can delete a team (to choose a new name, say), by leaving off the partner logins. You can also use the same command to modify an existing team (but only one you have created).
  12. 8/30/2006. Lecture Room Change: The MWF 11-12 lecture is moving to 60 Evans as of Wednesday, 6 September.
  13. 8/27/2006. That's right, there is no textbook for this course. All written material that you'll need will be available on-line or in the form of handouts and readers, distributed as available.

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