Programming Languages and Compilers

CS 164 @ UC Berkeley, Fall 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

What size will project groups be?

Projects will all be submitted individually. We’ve intentionally scaled the projects to be appropriately sized for individuals working alone! But don’t worry, you can still collaborate—see the collaboration policy here.

What language(s) and/or instruction set(s) will we be using?

We’ll be writing our compilers and interpreters in OCaml, and our compilers will be writing x86 assembly code! See the software page for more details on software.

What do I need to do for each assignment?

  1. Use the assignment link on the schedule to accept the assignment on GitHub Classroom.
  2. Clone the GitHub Classroom generated repo and follow the instructions in the README.
  3. Check Ed Discussion for clarifications or changes.
  4. Remove any identifying information from your submission (see full policy).
  5. Using the Github option when making your submission to the Gradescope assignment, select the repo (from step 2) and branch you'd like to submit before 9PM on the due date. Alternatively, zip your cloned repo and submit the zip to the Gradescope assignment.
  6. If you would like to withdraw your submission, override it on Gradescope with the assignment's starter code (see full policy).
  7. Grading will be done on Monday mornings for all submissions. Gradescope will automatically check that your submission builds but will not grade your submission. All submissions will display a grade of zero (or blank) until 10AM on the corresponding grading day.

How many late days can I use?

Refer to the discussion of late assignments on the syllabus. For substantial illnesses or disruptive life events, use the extensions form (see full policy).

How can I submit a regrade request?

Submit regrade requests on Gradescope within one week of receiving your grade (see full policy).

I have a question that is not answered here. How should I get in touch?

Refer to the discussion on contacting course staff on the syllbaus.