CS164: Course Announcements

  1. [5/7/2008] The command
       pretest proj3
    where run in a directory containing your project, should do a small sanity check of your solution.
  2. [5/6/2008] Please use bug-submit to submit bug reports or other problems you may be having. For compilation errors or bugs: on the instructional machines, go to a directory that contains ALL the files that must be compiled to create your program + a test case to demonstrate your problem. Whatever your problem, add a file ERROR containing a complete explanation of it, and issue the command:
    bug-submit proj3
    Please do not use the newsgroup for these purposes
  3. [4/11/2008] Review session for Test #2 on Saturday, 12 April at 8:00PM in 306 Soda. Pizza available. Please come prepared with questions.
  4. [4/11/2008] Here is a sample final from Fall 2006. Sorry; we haven't used the two-test format before, so we don't specifically have an example for Test #2.
  5. [3/31/2008] Test #2 on Monday, 14 April 2008 in class.
  6. [3/6/2008] Here is a sample midterm from Fall 2006. That was a 2-hour test, so it is considerably longer than ours will be. Also, it happened a bit later in the semester. If you can't solve one of the problems, be sure to bring it up during the review.
  7. [3/5/2008] Review session this Saturday 3-5PM in 306 Soda.
  8. [2/25/2008] The current version of the skeleton has a few useful additions for running test cases. Just suggestions, as usual.
  9. [2/25/2008] We will have a trial run of the autograder sometime late Wednesday night. If your project is submitted, you can see how it fares.
  10. [2/22/2008] The 'earley' program uses Earley's algorithm to parse grammars, printing item sets and parse trees. See the newsgroup.
  11. [2/17/2008] The 'unparse' program is now available on the instructional machines. It will convert an AST either into a "pretty-printed" AST or into a Pyth program that might have parsed into that AST. For usage, type unparse -h. Unparse is a python program that you can find here.
  12. [2/15/2008] Test I: during class on 10 March.
  13. [2/4/2008] Tuesday 11AM discussion members: The new discussion time is 12:00 on Wednesday in 310 Soda Hall, starting 6 Feb.
  14. [2/4/2008] Homework #2 posted under the "Homework" link. Due this Friday.
  15. [2/4/2008] Project #1 posted under the "Homework" link. Due 29 Feb.
  16. [1/28/2008] Homework #1 posted under the "Homework" link. Due next Monday.
  17. [1/16/2008] There will be no discussion sections during the first week, so that the first class meeting will be the first lecture on Wednesday, 23 January.
  18. [1/13/2008] That's right, there are no textbooks for this course. All materials, including lecture notes, will be on line or handed out.
  19. [1/13/2008] CS98/198-13: Programming for Blood (1 unit) Mondays, 4-6PM in 275 Soda Hall. This is a (fun) experimental course for competitive programmers.

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