For logistics and administrative questions, please email cs170@. This is a private email that is only seen by the head TAs and professors. Append to all emails.


Prof. Luca Trevisan

luca@ • website

Office Hours: Wed 2-4pm @ Soda 625

Prof. Prasad Raghavendra

raghavendra@ • website

Office Hours: Tues 1-2pm @ Soda 623


Max Ovsiankin

Head TA • maxov@ • website

Hello, I’m excited to teach for you all! I really like CS theory and math. My other interests include music, pop philosophy, hacking, hiking and lifting, and eating my corn in rows. I was born in Israel and grew up in the Bay Area.

Vinay Koshy

Head TA • vkoshy@

Hey, I’m Vinay! I’m currently a senior, majoring in CS, and this is my second semester teaching CS 170. I love consuming food, movies, and music almost as much as I love talking about them, so do stop by and chat some time.

Ajay Raj


Heads of jumbo antelopes are sent to the center of the army (4)

Antares Chen


It’s like pouring vegetable oil down a slide

Arpita Singhal


Hi Everyone! I’m a third year studying Computer Science and Bioengineering, hailing from the heart of Silicon Valley. I am passionate about the intersection of technology and medicine. Outside of class, I enjoy dancing, reading up on political issues, playing tennis, and hanging out with friends. I look forward to meeting you all, and hope you enjoy CS 170 as much as I did! :)

David Vendrow


Hi! I’m a third-year EECS major and former CS70 TA. In my free time, I enjoy playing chess, lifting, and eating chicken.

Dee Guo


Hello! I am a third year CS major from California. I like penguins. And algorithms!

Fotis Iliopoulous

Content TA • fotis90@

Hi! I am a PhD student from Greece. I am in the CS theory group, which means that I certainly love algorithms. Feel free to introduce yourself and chat with me about anything!

Gillian Chu


Hi! I’m Gillian, a third-year CS student. I love baking, singing too loudly in the car, going to the gym, puzzles and games, thinking about theory and spending time with people sometimes. I hope you learn to love algorithms, but I will talk to you even if you don’t. Here to help you have a great semester :)

James Hulett


Hi! I’m a fourth-year CS and Math major from the Bay Area. In my free time, I like looking at pictures of cute animals, designing surrealist practical jokes, and thinking about what I should tell people I do in my free time.

Jerry Park


A bio.

Jiazheng Zhao


Hi! This cupcake in the picture is a third year cs and applied math major! He likes cs theory and rubik’s cubes. 170 is his favorite class and he hopes you all enjoy it too! ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

Jierui Lin


Hi all! I am a third-year CS & Applied Math major. To me, this course is like an art appreciation of the most brilliant minds in the history of CS & Math. I’m sure you’ll learn a lot from this. In my free time, I enjoy watching movies, listening to music and playing soccer. Feel free to chat with me about anything!

Julia Luo


Hi there! I’m Julia, a third-year EECS student from London, Ontario, Canada (it’s near Toronto). I love playing soccer, snowboarding, hitting the gym, painting, dog spotting, and algorithms (obviously) - come talk to me about any of these things :) CS 170 is a beautiful class and I hope you’ll agree with me after the semester is over!

Kush Bhatia

Content TA • kushbhatia@

Hello, friends! I’m a third year PhD student in the Computer Science division interested in theoretical aspects of machine learning.

Matthew Soh

Project TA • matthewsoh@

Hi! I’m a third-year EECS major from sunny Singapore. I love algorithms, musical theatre and good coffee. I also watch an unhealthy amount of Netflix. :)

Nate Young


I’m Nate, I’m a 3rd-year undergrad in EECS. I love CS theory, machine learning, and distinctive shirts, and I’m looking for more CS puns. In my free time, I like to waste all my free time. This semester, I want to focus on imparting intuition, and also imparting the fact that 170 is the best class and theoretical computer science is the best computer science.

Neha Kunjal


Hi! I’m a third year computer science major from the South Bay. In my free time, I enjoy listening to music, hanging out with friends, and exploring places. I also love meeting new people, and reading! Feel free to recommend me a book and/or talk about anything from algorithms to cats! :)

Sean Luchen

Project TA • sean.luchen@

what am i holding in this pic?

Tarun Kathuria

Content TA • tarunkathuria@

Hello! I’m a 2nd year PhD student interested in Algorithms and High-Dimensional Statistics.

Vishnu Iyer

vishnu.iyer@ • website

Hello! I am a third year EECS major from the Bay Area and Sugar Land, Texas. This is my first time teaching 170 so I’m very excited! Needless to say, I love theoretical computer science. Outside of class I love tennis (Roger Federer), basketball (Steph Curry), and reading. I hope y’all enjoy 170 as much as I did!

Yeshwanth Cherapanamjeri

Content TA • yeshwanth@

Hi! I am a second year Ph.D student interested in Machine Learning and Algorithms.

Zheng Shi


Hey! I’m a fourth year CS student. I love watching Sci-Fi movies. I hope the movie Three Body can come out one day!


Avni Singhal


Hi! I’m a third year Materials Science and Engineering and Bioengineering major (and now CS minor). In my free time, I enjoy reading, listening to music, hiking, and eating. Hope you enjoy 170 as much as I did!

Chenyu Shi


Hello! I am a second year computer science and philosophy major. In my free time, I like to read, hike, and lift. Feel free to ask me anything or if you just want to show me some dank memes that’s also highly encouraged.

Ida Liu


Hey all! I’m a second-year CS major. I enjoy singing, playing the ocarina and listening to musical film soundtracks while I’m cooking. I love passion fruit and lemon lime ice cream :)

Jay Shenoy


Hi there! I’m in my second year at Cal, and 170 was one of the best classes I’ve ever taken. On the side, I like keeping up with football, baseball, and writing stories. Riverdale and Gossip Girl are my guilty pleasures. Gayle Laakmann McDowell was my first crush. To make homework easier for you, I have compiled detailed explanations of last semester’s solutions; check them out here:

Jesse Zhang


Hi! I’m a 3rd year CS major from around Sacramento. Learning about algorithms is going to be awesome, it’ll let you do something like this one day:

Jialin Li


Hi, I’m a sophomore CS major from Changchun, China. I love pottery, tennis, royal families, country music and learning about other cultures! Hope you have a great semester and enjoy CS 170!

John Son


your take on algorithms after this class:

Julia Peng


Hi, I’m a third year CS major from the Bay Area. I like cats and sweets :) I really enjoyed cs170 and I hope you do too!

Kedar Thakkar


Hey everyone! I’m a third year studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science here at UC Berkeley and I’m excited to be a part of course staff for the upcoming semester. Outside of school, I love playing basketball, hiking, camping, and pretty much anything else in the outdoors. Hope to meet all of you soon and I’m excited for a great semester!

Maya Shen


Hi! I am a third year computer science major from Berkeley. In my free time I enjoy drawing, hiking, and watching TV (New Girl and Psych are two of my favs) in my free time.

Noah Krakoff


Hi! I am a 3rd year in Engineering Math and Statistics. Some of my favorite stuff I do with my free time include running, rock climbing and sitting around doing nothing. CS170 was one of my favorite classes and I think you’ll really enjoy it!

Owen Bai


What’s up everyone! I’m a 2nd year EECS major from Thunder Bay, Canada. This is my first time being a reader for 170 (and being on course staff) so I’m pretty hyped. 170 is one of my favourite classes at Berkeley and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too.

Rahul Malayappan


Hi! I’m a 3rd year CS major who’s really interested in physics and computer graphics. Outside of class, I like playing chess, playing the violin and making 3D models. I hope you all enjoy 170!

Shloak Jain


Hi! I’m a second-year EECS major from Seattle. Talk to me about Gossip Girl, machine learning, and NP completeness!

Tiffany Chien


Hello! I’m a third year CS and maybe Linguistics major. I like complexity theory, probability, and signal processing. I also like Rubik’s cubes and cats and sleeping.

Timothy Liu


Varun Jhunjhunwalla


Yalini Prabhakaran


Hi!! Im a third year CS major and GPP minor from Chennai, India. Outside of class, I enjoy Bollywood music, aesthetic brunch spots and peanut m&m’s. I hope you love this class as much as I did!