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Guidelines for Submitting Computational Assignments
  • Please type your assignments.
  • Make sure you include the following information:
    • Name
    • SID number
    • Login name on your instructional system account (very important)
    • Course (CompSci 182, CogSci 110, Ling 109)
    • Section (Fri 11, Fri 1)
  • If you have more than one account, please pick one to use consistently (as indicated on your assignments), to minimize confusion for grade entry and lookup. Grades will be entered using your cs182 class account login (if you have one) by default.
  • If you have discussed the assignment with other students in the course, make sure you include their names on your assignment.
  • Note (recap from the course syllabus):
    Individual homework should be done independently. It is fine to discuss the general techniques and methods required, but you must do your own work in solving the problems and writing up the solutions. Cheating will not be excused and will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct. (See also the Berkeley Code of Student Conduct.)

  • In general, please indicate any information sources other than the course readings, lecture or discussion sections that you use to answer questions.
  • If you are using one of your late days (see the syllabus), please indicate this clearly on your assignment.

  1. Log in to your CS 182 instructional account.
    This may be done at the CS labs on the 2nd floor of Soda, or by remotely ssh'ing to an EECS Instructional server. These include:
    • Full List

  2. Create a directory for the assignment you are turning in and put all and only your files for this assignment in this directory.
    See here for how to copy files from your personal computer to your instructional account, using SSH's secure copy GUI.

  3. Go into the directory you have created and submit your assignment.
    Note: if you need to make a correction, you may sumbit an assignment again. We will have both copies, but only use the most recent version for grading and refer to that version's time stamp when determining lateness.

An example, using "a4":
> mkdir a4
> mv test.txt answers.txt a4
> cd a4
> submit a4
Submitting test.txt.
Submitting answers.txt.
Looking for other files to turn in....
The files you have submitted are:
./ ./answers.txt ./test.txt
Is this correct? [yes/no] yes
Submitting to cs182-ra ....
Submission mailed. You should be hearing from us.

Using EECS Instructional named accounts instead of CS 182 class accounts
Although for consistancy sake, we would prefer all students to use their CS 182 class accounts, we understand the desire of some CS students to just use their named accounts. If you do so, you must make sure you "register" your account for the class. (If you have a cs182 account, you should have already registered, using the register program that is run automatically the first time you log in. If you make a mistake in the registration process, just type "re-register" to reregister.)

To register:

  • If CS182 is the only course for which you will be submitting homework from this account, add the following lines at the end of the file ".cshrc" in your home directory:
    setenv MASTERDIR /home/ff/cs182
    setenv PATH /share/b/grading/bin:${PATH}
    then type:

  • If you have more than one course for which you will be submitting homework from this account, please add
    setenv PATH /share/b/grading/bin:${PATH}
    to ".cshrc" and type:
    setenv MASTERDIR /home/ff/cs182
    You will have to retype the entire "setenv" command each time before you submit your CS182 homework.