You MUST work individually in assignments 1 and 2,

For later assignments (3-4) you MUST work in groups of 2. (Assignment 5 should preferrably be done in a group of 2 but can also be done individually). In assignments 3-4 (and 5 if in a group of 2), both members will receive the same grade. You may not switch partners after the previous assignment is due (and the current one is therefore released). You may use the same or different partners for assignments 3, 4 and 5. Your submission README file for these assignments should list both partners.

Assignment 0 Due Jan 28
Assignment 1 Skeleton Code Due Feb 11
Assignment 2 Skeleton Code Due Mar 2 ( Note new date )
Assignment 3 Helper Code Due Apr 1 (milestone Mar 11)
Assignment 4 OpenGL Viewer Due Apr 26 Mon (milestone Apr 13)
Assignment 5 Due May 10 Mon

Assignment Archive

Cool student work from past semesters!


This is where we'll collect links to information/software/etc. that might be helpful in completing the course assignments.