Lecture Outlines and Slides

Note that more details and advanced materials are actually covered in lecture, but the slides are fairly complete, especially in areas where the book's coverage is not that good. In general, the lecture slides will be posted as and when available to facilitate doing some reading/preparation beforehand. These may of course be changed to correct errors after the lectures. I am making the slides available as powerpoint and PDF handouts (6 slides per page). You may convert them to and print them however you wish.

These slides also include review problems on the main components of the course. These review problems are important for understanding the technical aspects and mathematics of the course. Try first doing the problems without consulting the solutions as and when the relevant material is covered. We will go over these problems in the designated review session lectures. Note that the solutions may be incomplete/outlines, and you are responsible for fully understanding the answers. A thorough understanding of the problems and solutions will help in doing well on the midterm/final.

We will have visuals and demos for all of the units in the course, which we will occasionally refer to in the lectures to motivate the work. Links to these will also be posted here as supplementary materials, or can be found on the slides.

Overview, History (1/20) Powerpoint, PDF
Basic Math, Linear Algebra (1/25) Powerpoint, PDF
Transformations 1 (1/27) Powerpoint, PDF , Transformations game applet
Transformations 2 (2/1) Powerpoint, PDF
Viewing (2/3) Powerpoint, PDF , Handout of section 3.5 of Real-Time Rendering text
Curves 1 (2/10) Powerpoint, PDF , Handout of sections 4, 5.1, 8.1-3 of CAGD book
Curves 2 (2/10,17) Powerpoint, PDF , Paper on Polar Forms (if you want, read up to page 10 of the paper, skipping the more mathematical aspects)
Review on Curves (2/22) Problems (PDF)
OpenGL 1 (2/24) Powerpoint, PDF, C++ source code
OpenGL 2 (3/1) Powerpoint, PDF, C++ source code, Wood Texture
OpenGL 3 (3/3) Powerpoint, PDF, C++ source code Wood Texture
Review on Transformations and OpenGL (3/8,10) Problems (PDF)
Intro to Ray Tracing (3/15) Powerpoint , PDF
Ray Tracing: Nuts and Bolts (3/29,31) Powerpoint , PDF , Haines Chapter , Hanrahan Chapter ,
Shading and Texture Mapping (4/5) Powerpoint , PDF
Radiometry (4/7) Powerpoint , PDF , Handout of Cohen-Wallace
Global Illumination (4/12) Powerpoint , PDF ,
Radiosity (4/14) Powerpoint , PDF , Handout of FvDFH
Review on Rendering (4/19,21) Problems (PDF)
Intro to Animation (4/26) Powerpoint , PDF
Inverse Kinematics (4/28) Powerpoint , PDF , CS 294 lecture