CS184 AS4: Raycaster and Shader

DUE DATE: Sunday February 20th, 11:00pm
To be done individually!


Find the instructions for this assignment in PDF for here, in original LaTeX here.


To submit this project, all of the following needs to be done by the deadline: Windows Users: The grader should ONLY have to open your .sln file and press F5 to build and run your solution.
*Nix Users: The grader should ONLY have to run make with the appropriate makefile to build your project. Thus, for Mac and Linux make and for solaris gmake.

Note: The submit program retains the directory structure of what you send it. Thus, we recommend making a new directory for your assignment on the server, cd'ing into that directory, copying the whole framework with your code into this directory, and running yes | submit as4 to easily submit the whole project to us.


See the Framework page here. Use version 4 of the framework for this assignment.

Reference Image

For convenience, here is the reference image from the pdf, but with a black background: