Basic Info
 Lecture Notes

Joe Hellerstein
Office Hours: Monday 10-11, Thursday 2:15-3:15
in 685 Soda, or by appointment.
Christopher Olston
Office Hours: Thurs, 2PM
in 687 Soda, or by appointment

Teaching Assistants:
John Lo
Ofc. Hr.: W 1-2, 345 Soda
Section:W 3-4P, 4 Evans and
W 4-5P, 71 Evans

Nathan Burkhart
Ofc. Hr.: Tu 11:30-12:30, 711 Soda
Section: W 11-12P, 71 Evans

Alex Rasmussen
Ofc. Hr.: Tu 2P, 551 Soda
Section: W 12-1P, 71 Evans

News and Announcements:
It is your responsibility to check the ucb.class.cs186 newsgroup and the class blog frequently.

Textbook: Database Management Systems 3rd Edition by Ramakrishnan and Gehrke.

Grading Policy:
  • Homework/Project Assignments: 50% of semester grade.  Breakdown on projects page
  • Mid-term: 20% of semester grade
  • Final Exam: 30% of semester grade
Notes on grading (please read):
  • The percentages are subject to change as circumstances dictate.
  • Since exams are the main indicators we have of individual grasp of the material, we reserve the right to adjust final letter grades based on exam performance.  In particular, students who do not achieve a passing average on the exams will not receive a passing grade in the class.
  • We will be following the EECS departmental policy on Academic Honesty, so be sure you are familiar with it.