CS186 - Spring 2007 - Projects

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 I Buffer Pool Management
 II B-Trees
III Query Optimization
IV Joins
V Web Application

In our experience, the best preparation for the real world is significant programming projects that help you understand how databases really work inside.  This class is somewhat front-loaded, with homeworks 1, 2, and 4 being big programming projects involving database internals.  Homework 3 will be more of a theory exercise, and Homework 5 will involve applying your knowledge by designing a database for a web application that you will create.

For the database internals programming projects, we will be using Minibase, a teaching database developed at the University of Wisconsin.  We've found that it provides the right balance of real features and programmability.  The version of minibase we'll be using is written in Java.

Late Policy on Homeworks.

Homework zero has a simple policy: it must be turned in on time. Starting with HW 1, each student gets an automatic extension of 4 calendar days. You can use the extension on any assignment(s) remaining during the semester (in increments that are rounded up to the nearest integer). For instance, you can hand in one assignment 4 days late, or each of four assignments 1 day late. For group project assignments, the slip time will be deducted from each team member's remaining slip time. When you hand in a late assignment, you must identify in the README file the following: (i) how late this assignment is, and (ii) how much of the total slip time you have left. No assignment will be accepted more then 4 days late. After you have used up your slip time, any assignment handed in late will be marked off 25% per day. There will be no extensions granted.