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The best way to contact the staff is through Piazza. If you need to contact the course staff via email, we can be reached at You may contact the professors or GSIs directly, but the staff list will produce the fastest response. All emails end with


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Anca Dragan

Note: Please do not email logistics questions about enrollment, etc, to the professors. Please direct these questions to piazza or cs188@.

Office hours: Th 9-10am online (during lecturing weeks).

Email: anca@
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Pieter Abbeel

Note: Please do not email logistics questions about enrollment, etc, to the professors. Please direct these questions to piazza or cs188@.

Office hours: Th 9-10am online (during lecturing weeks).

Email: pabbeel@


Headshot of Ryan Koh

Ryan Koh

Head TA
Email: Admin cs188@, Personal ryan_koh@
  • Hi, I’m a CS student from SoCal, looking forward to meeting you all this semester! CS188 is a great class, where you not only learn about AI, but also develop a love-hate relationship with Pacman. Feel free to reach out about anything, and let’s have a great semester! We stan robots <3 (Website:
Headshot of Alina Trinh

Alina Trinh

Email: tutrinh@
  • Hi y'all! I’m Alina and I'm a rising third-year studying EECS and business admin. My academic interests lie in NLP and autonomous vehicles. In my free time, I like to go hiking, play piano, read, and binge watch shows. Looking forward to a great semester!
Headshot of Angela Liu

Angela Liu

Email: aliu917@
  • Hey! I’m Angela and currently a fourth year studying CS. I’ve lived in the Bay Area my entire life and I love it here! When I’m not studying, I like to read, play golf, travel, and eat Asian desserts. I'm really excited to be teaching 188 again and hope you all have a great semester!
Headshot of Ayush Kamat

Ayush Kamat

Email: akamat@
  • Hi there! I'm a senior CS and Math major from the Los Angeles area. Outside of school I love to listen to and play music, and I also love to cook and make food! I'm super excited to teach y'all and I'm looking forward to a great semester!
Headshot of Daniel Filan

Daniel Filan

Email: daniel_filan@
  • Hi! I'm Daniel, a 6th year PhD student in CS. After growing up in Australia, I moved to the US to work with Stuart Russell and the Center for Human-Compatible AI, and now I work on trying to understand neural networks by breaking them into pieces. My hobbies include playing go and going on walks. I look forward to helping you all learn about AI this semester!
Headshot of Dimitris Papadimitriou

Dimitris Papadimitriou

Email: dimitri@
  • Hi everyone, my name is Dimitri. I am a PhD student and this is my second time being a TA for CS188. In my free time I pretend to know how to swim and take nice photos. Feel free to contact me regarding the course or anything else. I hope we all have a great semester. Cheers.
Headshot of Hamza Qadeer

Hamza Qadeer

Email: hamza.qadeer@
  • Hi! I'm a fourth-year CS/Stats major interested in ML and systems. In my free time, I like watching shows and exploring new neighborhoods/cities/places on foot (or, sometimes, on Google Maps). Looking forward to a fun semester :)
Headshot of Jason Wang

Jason Wang

Email: jasonw-sy@
  • Hi everyone! I'm a Junior student majoring in CS. This is my second semester TAing CS 188, and I'm very excited to get to know you all. I sometimes (RaReLY) play guitar and make music, and have a taste of making weird projects. Looking forward to this amazing semester!
Headshot of Jeffrey Tao

Jeffrey Tao

Email: jtao@
  • Hi, I'm Jeffrey! Feel free to talk to me if you're interested in RL research.
Headshot of Jim Wang

Jim Wang

Email: wangjim19@
  • I’m Jim, a third year EECS major. I do some ML for Launchpad and BAIR. Outside of school, I love watching anime and kdrama, going to cool places with friends, singing, and playing the piano when I can find one! I’m also a hella foodie :))
Headshot of Jocelyn Chen

Jocelyn Chen

Email: jocelynchen1246@
  • Hello! I'm Jocelyn, a fourth year CS major from the Bay Area. In my free time, I like to dance, watch Netflix, and play video games (mostly genshin and league). Feel free to reach out to me to talk about anything. I’m looking forward to a great semester!
Headshot of Jonathan Yang

Jonathan Yang

Email: jy2370@
  • Hi everyone! I am a 4th year EECS undergrad who loves artificial intelligence. My research is in reusing large, past datasets in order to enable efficient generalization and lifelong learning in robotics. My hobbies include tinkering with drones, playing clarinet in a wind ensemble, and watching good tv shows/anime. I'm excited to get to know all of you!
Headshot of Lexy Li

Lexy Li

Email: lexyyxl@
  • Hey! I am a Senior studying Computer Science and Data Science. CS188 has been my favorite class at Cal; hope you enjoy it as well! Other than AI/ML, I'm also interested in font-end design/engineering. Outside of school, I like going out on photo shoots and exploring coffee shops. Looking forward to meeting you all : )
Headshot of Regina Wang

Regina Wang

Email: rlwang@
  • I'm a fourth year majoring in CS and minoring in Political Economy, and I absolutely love CS188 (taking it and teaching it). I'm also super excited to meet all of you this term! My current research interest is in human-robot interaction and in my free time, I love baking, playing tennis, and clicking around Wikipedia. Feel free to reach out to talk about anything!
Headshot of Reina Wang

Reina Wang

Email: reinawa1012@
  • Hi! I'm a junior studying EECS. In my spare time, I like exploring new restaurants, binge-watching singing competitions, and huddling up in a comfortable beanbag with a mug of hot cocoa and a good sci-fi novel.
Headshot of Saagar Sanghavi

Saagar Sanghavi

Email: ssanghavi404@
  • I like puzzles. All of life is just one giant puzzle to solve. Let's solve some fun puzzles together this semester :)
Headshot of Srishti Agarwal

Srishti Agarwal

Email: srishti@
  • Hi everyone! I’m a senior majoring in EECS. This is my second time teaching CS188. Within EECS, I’m interested in Machine Learning and Robotics, and I’m currently working at a start up on enhancing an NLP report generation model. I’m also a foodie, love watching TV shows and movies, playing board games and dancing. Feel free to drop by my OH to drop movie recs/discuss anything ML or AI related! I’m super excited to get know you all!
Headshot of Yanlai Yang

Yanlai Yang

Email: yyang22@
  • Hello! I’m a fourth-year CS and applied math major from Shanghai. My research is currently focused on robot learning. This is my fourth time being a TA for this course and I am really excited to meet everyone! Outside of work, I love to play card games (especially contract bridge) and watch Formula races.


Headshot of Evgeny Pobachienko

Evgeny Pobachienko

Email: evgenyp@
  • Hi! I’m a sophomore majoring in CS. I really enjoyed CS 188, especially the fun projects, and I’m excited to help teach it. Besides CS, I like going on longish runs, hiking, and playing video games (Elden Ring hype). I look forward to meeting you (in person now :) )!