Projects and Assignments

Projects are due at 11:59pm on the due date, and should be submitted via your Unix class account (submission instructions).Please see the FAQ page for questions about programming environments.

Written assignments are due in lecture on the day listed below.

You have 5 slip days for projects (max 2 per project). There are no slip days for written assignments!


Project 0: Python tutorial (p0) 1/28
Project 1: Search (p1)2/4
Written 1: Search and CSPs (w1) (Solutions)2/10
Project 2: Multi-Agent Pacman (p2)2/18
Project 3: Reinforcement Learning (p3)3/4
Written 2: MDPs and Bayes' Nets (w2) (Solutions) 3/12
Written 3: Probabilistic Models (w3) (TeX) Solutions 4/16 (extended!)
Project 4: Ghostbusters (p4)4/22
Written 4: Classification (w4) Solutions 4/30
Project 5: Classification (p5)5/8