Project Policy

Projects may be completed and submitted alone or in teams of two (submission instructions). Projects are due at 4:59pm on the due date, and should be submitted via your Unix class account. Please see the FAQ page for questions about programming environments.

Projects will initially be graded automatically for correctness, though we will review projects individually as necessary to ensure that they receive the credit they deserve. The autograder is never the final word on whether your solution is correct!

You have 5 slip days for projects and you can use a maximum of 2 per project. Slip days are counted at the granularity of 24hr blocks, rounded up. If you are one minute late, you are wasting a full slip day!

Written Assignment Policy

Written assignments may be solved in groups (acknowledge collaborators) but must be written up individually. They must be turned in to the drop box in 283 Soda Hall by 5:30pm on the due day or at the beginning of class. (They will always be due on a lecture day.) There is zero slip time for written assignments, since we will be releasing the solutions during lecture on the due day!

Partial credit recovery

To recover partial credit for a written assignment please make a handwritten or photo copy of your solutions and submit the original. We will release printed solutions on the due date in class. Using a red pen you can correct any mistakes and resubmit your copy. You will recover 50% credit for any mistake that you corrected. The corrected submission is optional and is due in 283 Soda Drop Box 48 hours after the original assignment due date (no slip time).

Solutions will not be posted online, but any extra copies will be placed in 283 Soda.


Project 0: Python tutorial (p0) 1/28
Project 1: Search (p1)2/4
Written 1: Search and CSPs (w1) 2/14
Project 2: Multi-Agent Pacman (p2)2/18
Written 2: Minimax, Expectimax, MDPs (w2) 2/28
Project 3: Reinforcement Learning (p3)3/7 [Monday!]
Written 3: Probability (w3) 3/11
Written 4: Bayes' Nets, HMMs (w4) 4/11
Project 4: Ghostbusters: Tracking and Particle Filtering (p4)4/15
Project 5: Classification (p5)5/6
Contest: Pacman Capture the Flag! 4/26