About the Exam

The midterm will be held on Tuesday March 15, 5-8pm in 155 Dwinelle.

All course material covered in lecture through Wednesday March 9 is fair game.

The midterm will be closed notes, books, laptops, and people. However, you may use a one-page (two-sided) cheat sheet of your own design (group design okay but not recommended).

You may also use a basic, non-programmable calculator, which is not required, but which may be helpful. (No TI-86's, iPhones, etc.)

We have posted a practice midterm, and we will give one percentage point of extra credit for submitting your solution to the practice midterm by Friday 3/11 at 5:29pm. (We will collect the practice midterm together with W3 in 283 Soda.) We will then hand out the solutions to the practice midterm, and award an additional percentage point of extra credit for submitting your corrected version by Monday 5:29pm (when we will also collect your corrected copies of W3). We recommend that you first work on the practice midterm for a 3 hour block on your own (simulating the actual midterm duration) and then afterwards discuss with other students.

On Monday 3/14 we will hold a midterm review session during the usual lecture time in the usual lecture hall. Afterwards, we will also be available for questions about material and past midterms.

Practice Exams

Note that in previous years, topics were covered in varying orders, and so the midterm topics do not align perfectly.

You can also look at much older exams from other versions of the class, but be aware that the syllabus has changed over time.